Bitch U Does Valentines Day

Valentines Day
Make your bedroom your cozy retreat. Picture from the fabulous Design Indulgences

 Bitch U Does Valentines Day!

And are we ever!  We’re not doing one day.  We’re Bitching it Up and celebrating a whole week of love!  Loving every delicious drop of ourselves, those that love us and the gift of life.  Everyday I’m giving you fun assignments for your exploring pleasure.  So make the commitment to you for a few minutes everyday and see what happens.  Let’s get the love party started.  Todays’ assignments at Bitch University:

1.  Tonight when you go to bed, Bitch it Up.  Take a few moments to make it a more restful sleep.  Say to yourself:  “What would make going to sleep more luxurious?”  Ideas:  Fluffing your pillows, lighting some incense, a cup of delicious tea, spritzing your pillows with a favorite scent, candles, your favorite book, relaxing music, put a chocolate on your pillow, a faux fur blanket to sink into (Bitch it Up even more and cuddle up in fur sans jammies).

2.  Reading:  A few refresher articles to remind you how important it is to take care of yourself:  Impatience…A Virtue? What is the One Flaw in a Woman

3.  Share the good things you do with us on our Bitch Lifestyle Facebook page.  We all could use fun, new ideas to pamper ourselves with!

Love, Goddess

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