Bitchy, Sassy and Fun Organization

You’ve got your Financial, Health and Career goals all organized, right?  You are so good.   Now it’s time for some fun and sassyiness!  A Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Bitchy and Sassy Fun List.   I know that I function better with daily sassiness.   It puts a big smile on my face and makes me feel so alive.  You wanna join me, gorgeous?

Here’s the process.  (We Bitches take our fun seriously-wink!)

1.  Write down all the things that you would LOVE to have time to do this year.  Learn, eat, discover, travel to, add to your wardrobe, experience.

2.  Just like your financial goals…set them up yearly, quarterly, monthly and weekly.   Put this into Excell or another program that is most helpful to you.

3.  Don’t feel guilty.  This is your beautiful life.  What makes you beautiful and alive are your passions (newly discovered and old) 

Here is an example of what I’m doing this month for fun:  I’m studying sensual movement.  Moving my body slowly to music and through exercise.  This type of slow movement makes me feel beautiful, stretches my muscles and I really enjoy some sexy music.  I have material from these web sites:  S Factor: and Nia:  These are fun, sensual work outs.  But you don’t need to buy anything!  You can put your favorite music on anytime and just move.  Enjoy moving your body to music any way you want to.

So what’s on your “Bitchy and Sassy” agenda this year, gorgeous one?  Please share your discoveries with us!  It will give us new things to explore and enjoy.

Love, Goddess

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  1. OMG I love this site. It’s about time someone started embracing and empowering the bitch!! Woot!

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