Boredom to Fun

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Said the fab Tallulah Bankhead to Joan Crawford. From the uber fun website Butch in Progress

“I am SO bored,”  my client said.

Meanwhile, I am exhausted because I have so much to do and experience that I didn’t get home TWO nights this week until 4:00am!

I get boredom, everyone.  I’ve been there.  I never want to be back there again.  When you fill your life with passion and fun?  Time to sit on the couch and doing absolutely nothing is pure bliss. Years ago I started a diary.  On the very first page was  an entry that bored the **** out of me.  I vowed NEVER to have another entry like it.  So… I filled my life with my passions and fun.  If there was a lull in the action I would read the first page of that diary:   As a reminder of all the amazing changes I’d made to add to my bliss…and encourage me to add more!   I haven’t referred to it in over a year now because I am blissfully out of time.

What is a powerful first step out of boredom?  Look at your schedule.  I made my client write down her basic weekly schedule.  This is what she sent me:

  1. Get up at 6:00am
  2. Work out, shower and eat a banana for breakfast
  3. Work
  4. Errands, maybe shop or happy hour, pick up dinner and go home
  5. Watch Housewives of XYZ until 10:30pm
  6. Lather rinse and repeat…5 days of the week.  (Okay…I added that one out of Sassy Boredom)
  7. Weekend:  Errands, dinner or movie with friends

She said she was content and happy, but after looking at her schedule?  She saw how much more she could add to her life!  Then she realized she had been working for years to pay off her school debt and now that she had paid it off, she was still living like she was in debt.  I told her she didn’t need to start spending a pile of money.  She can save and add a few modest things to her life so she was more enmeshed in her passions.  She researched passions that she hadn’t thought of in years.  She made a bucket list.  Now, a few months later, she is never bored. She has taken up hobbies and even started a side crafting business.  She has discovered how fulfilling and blissful “exhaustion” can be!  She also realized how her “comfort zone” had made her complacent.  Which was boring!

How about you?  Are you ready to fight boredom?  Nothing fights boredom like adding some fun to your life.  Fun is a great stress reducer.  Notice how much a good laugh releases stress? Plan your next adventure, insert fun into your day and the next time you are feeling stressed or bored?  Google the word “fun” for ideas.  Or here is a nice web site for a ton of ideas!

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Love, Goddess

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