Bring It

We are Sassy Bitches.

We stand up for ourselves, each other and those we love.

We are strong.

We know exactly what we want and how we want it.

We communicate in a confident, charming, bottom line type of way no matter the venue.

  With our families, friends, co-workers, enemies and lovers.

We are outspoken and determined.

Communicating effectively is an art and we’ve worked hard to master this ability.

  When people don’t like what we have to say or are insulting, we aren’t intimidated into doing something we don’t want to do.

We don’t lie down and take abuse, disrespect or nonsense from anyone.  We either call them on it or refuse to engage in it.

We take care of ourselves.  We take that time because when we are happy, we can make everyone else happy!  It takes courage to own our Sassy Feminine Bitch in our world today.

And we over flow with courage.

We embrace our unique beauty and talents.

Excuses bore us.  Action turns us on!

We stand up and fight for the women who haven’t seen their power yet.

And to anyone who tries to diffuse our inner flames, our burning desires and luscious beauty?

We say bring it.

Because with a smile and the flair of a Goddess we will watch them fail or give up and join our Rebellion.

And we’ll welcome them with a sassy smile and open arms.

We are Sassy Bitches.  Enjoy us Purr.


© S Stevens Life Strategies


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