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Men who want you to chase them.  Read this article and then I will follow-up with you on the latest:   The latest:  the other night I was on Twitter working late.  I got a message from a guy that I went out with a couple of times.  The guy from the article I wanted you to read above.   Some time has passed since he last tried to get me to chase him.  I’d forgotten that we even follow each other on Twitter!  This is the message he sent me:

Chase Guy:  Hey Sharon I miss your face!  Call me.

Me:  I’m not your type.  I don’t chase.

Within minutes…can you guess, Sweet and Sassy Bitch what happened?  Yeah…I get a phone call.  From Chase Guy.  Do I answer?  Hell no.  Am I mad?  No.  I think it’s amusing.  When I listened to his voice mail, he was all “sensual and alluring.”  Trying to lure me into calling him so we can “catch up.”  Then I go on Twitter and he has sent me a couple tweets.  Excuses for why he hasn’t been in touch. How he tried to call me but my phone gave out a “no call” signal-all garbage.  Garbage and lies, because girlfriends, I have the voice mail he left me.  Still not mad.  In order to get mad you have to care.  What I care about is YOU and YOU recognizing the signs of a guy trying to get you to chase him.  A guy who is making it all about getting YOU to please him.  That’s his challenge.  Getting you to jump through hoops for him.

Today Chase Guy sent me a direct message on Twitter.  Something about you pleasure me, or something and a link.  Curious to what this tactic was, I clicked on it.  It led to a blank page.  LOL.  Kinda metaphoric, huh?  There’s nothing there.

You know what works with me?  This does:

I sent a text to a friend of mine-M.  M and I have been friends for a long time.  We are also very attracted to each other and enjoy a physical relationship as well.   Before my vacation, I sent him the following text:

Me:  The next time I see you I want you to tickle me until I beg for mercy!

M:  Okay 😉

Me:  Happy and excited smile!

Notice the text exchange is short, sweet and playful.

A couple of nights later he texted me-following up on our last flirtation.  It was hot, fun and playful.  M was going to try to come up and see me for a “departing tickle” before I left on vacation.  It didn’t work out because he travels with his full-time job and runs a business on weekends.  To say that he is busy is an understatement.  Knowing how busy he is, and appreciating him making the effort to please me, I happily let him go do his thing.  I know that he will produce my want for me.  No doubt.  Besides…we agreed, the wait would make it that much sweeter!

The night after getting back from vacation, I got a text from M asking me how my vacation was.  We sent sexy and flirtatious texts while he was waiting to get on a plane hours away.  He said it was too bad he wasn’t closer because we couldn’t do what we were discussing in the texts.  About an hour later I get a text from him saying he was “closer” because his plane just landed.  And he could be closer still.  He wound up driving an hour to see me and we spent an incredible night together.  It ended with him saying, “Welcome Home.”  I said “Welcome Home” back and kissed him.

This man is SO busy.  Yet, after a busy day of work and travel he wanted to see me.  The memory makes me purr.  This is making a big effort, ladies!  This is a man who likes you and wants to please you.  So which sounds like more fun to you hotties?  A man who travels an hour to pleasure you and see you?  Or a guy who tells you to “call me?”  Yuck.  Yeah…I think we all know the answer to that one!

PS:  I will definitely be keeping you up to date on the tactics “Chase Man,” uses.  I don’t see him stopping in the near future.

Love, Goddess

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7 thoughts on “Call Me

  1. I love this blog. How did I not find it sooner? I am having this exact problem. This guy is trying to get me to chase him. He waited 4 days to return my call, so I let him go to voicemail. He left a short message. It’s been 2 days and I haven’t called him back. I have been busy with the things that make me happy. I am tired of the games and I won’t chase him. When I do tell him what I want he delivers but I don’t want to police him.
    If I want to see him more casually, do I owe him an explanation? I want healthy.

    Impish Bitch

  2. Impish Bitch, (love that name!)

    I so get your frustration about “policing men.” Yesterday a guy had the nerve to tell me that I should follow up my calls with him with another phone call. That’s a guy not taking responsibility and having YOU do all the work. I told him point blank I’m not his “Mommie” and that he is an adult and I’m not going to call him repeatedly to get him to do what he is SUPPOSED to be doing: Follow though. You do not owe this guy anything.

    Love, Goddess

  3. So for the first time in three years I met a guy over Memorial Day weekend. We clicked immediately… or so I thought. He texted and called me the same night we met, and he texted and called the Tuesday after (two days after we met). Then nothing. I mean, sure, he would communicate with me via Instagram, but that’s it.

    Three days later, I texted him and said we should go back to communicating off Instagram. And he said, “yeah, I wouldn’t want any of your other guys to get jealous.” So we texted and he called me that night and we talked for over two hours. The next day, we texted, but I initiated. Same goes for two and three days later.

    We made dinner plans for tomorrow, but only because I asked. When we talk, he’s very expressive about wanting to see me and get to know me better, but I just feel like he doesn’t communicate with me enough. Am I not giving him an opportunity to take the lead? Am I pushing too hard, too soon?

    Clearly I’m not being the bitch I should be. I need help. I’ve done well in almost all aspects of my life except for this. I’m really interested in seeing this guy again and getting to know him better. It’s been so long since I’ve bothered with any sort of man (extenuating circumstances came into play with all that), it feels good to talk to someone again but I don’t like the periods of dead silence between calls and texts and I’m wondering if I’m spinning my wheels here for no reason. I’m not sure what to do but I’d like to get him to communicate with me more, so if you can help, that would be awesome 🙂

  4. Your answer made me laugh so much. I will definitely use it in the future, because i’m supposed to be in a sort of relationship with a dumb*** like that.

    By the way, awesome blog and yes let’s be bitches, ladies !

  5. Hi Lilie,
    Thanks for enjoying the blog! We are pretty funny when we are all sassy and bitchy, huh? 😉 Love, Goddess

  6. Thanks for enjoying the blog, Lilie! Yes, our Sassy Bitches are pretty funny, huh? 😉 Love, Goddess

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