Carol Burnett Brilliant Inspiration for Women

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Gorgeous image of Carol burnett from Indiana Public Media 

Carol Burnett-one of the most brilliant entertainers ever!

I loved watching reruns of her show when I was growing up.  This woman had her own variety show on television that ran for 11 years!  I loved watching her play different characters.  Old ladies, young ladies, crazy ladies, movie stars.  Her supporting cast was stellar:  Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner.

From the All Things Carol Burnett web site: 

She has received 6 Emmy Awards, 5 Golden Globe Awards and numerous people choice awards.  She received a Kennedy Center Honor in 2003 and has written 2 best selling books about her life.  Carol attended UCLA before heading to New York.  It was a rough beginning as jobs were tough until Carol staged her own musical revue, featuring her out-of-work roommates from a theatrical boarding house performing material by unemployed writers and composers.

That’s going for it her way, hotties!  And that’s when things started turning in her favor.  She was asked to guest on TVs “The Garry Moore Show.”  This led to marriage and her own TV series. Talented, driven, professional.  Not afraid to ruffle feathers.  You know how I say, if you haven’t been scaring anyone, sass it up Bitch?  During the run of The Carol Burnett show, one of her famous co-stars, Harvey Korman, was rude to guest Petula Clark.  This was not acceptable to Carol.  Here’s a link to an interview with Carol about what happened: Access Hollywood True Story

What I want you to notice is how Carol calls him on it politely, acknowledges his problem, tells him what she wants and then sits back and watches his actions.  She doesn’t expect an apology, she expects action.  Notice the point where Harvey “back tracks.”  That’s a man admitting he’s wrong.  Also notice how much he loved being called on his crap by a woman he respects.  Harvey was a very important part of the show, but our lovely, sassy Carol would not tolerate disrespect.  Girl knows her power and how to talk to a man.

When you have a moment, or whenever you need a laugh, please check out these wonderful You Tubes of the brilliant Carol Burnett Show.  Here’s a link to a good one:  “No Frills Airline.” 

Here’s to you Amazing Carol!  Love, Goddess

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