Susan Boyle and the Famous Seductress

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Men committed suicide over this Seductress! 

It’s time to bust wide open the image of “The Seductress.”  The Seductress in our society is all movie star glamour and modelesque perfection.  A ridiculous “standard” to live up to.  And we don’t have to.  We are unique, gorgeous and fabulous—The Seductress magic is in us. All we have to do is find the magic within us and display it to the world. KNOW that the creative magic buried within us: our singing, writing, cooking, financial brain or wit brings the world pleasure. In these blog pages I will share “Old” Seductresses with you. I’ll share the smart, sassy and artistic ones too. We start with someone “society” would never call a Seductress. Boy were they wrong! Her name? Pauline Viardot.

Pauline Viardot was an opera singer who was born in 1821. She had extraordinary gifts as a singer and had it all: A long happy life, domestic and professional success and was adored by some of the most distinguished men of her time. When Ivan Turgenev, a twenty five year old aristocratic Lothario heard her sing, he abandoned Russian and followed her around the world for the rest of his life. From the book “Seductress” by Betsy Prioleau.  An absolute must must read:  Seductress

‘She was one of the plainest seductresses on record…’ ‘Everyone who saw Pauline Viardot pronounced her “very ugly,” “strikingly ugly,” or “atrociously homely.” Dark and crude featured, she had hooded eyelids, a receding chin, a wide mouth with a heavy underlip, and an H shaped figure.”  Here is a link to photos of our fabulous seductress:

So how did she do it? She knew what she wanted, stayed focused on her goals, and was enmeshed in her Goddess given talents. The result? She created pleasure wherever she went and had a wonderful life.

Like Susan Boyle. The unexpected beauty of her singing. Unexpected because it was pure, raw Susan talent. Not one snitch of “commercialization” “other point of view” or “how can I make her look more American Idol,” in an ounce of her performance. And the world is fascinated. Charmed. Adoring of her. Just like the fabulous Pauline Viardot.

And “The World” is already trying to change her. Mold her. Take away the fascination of pure Susan. Have you seen the recent pictures, ladies? Let’s take a moment and desire her to stay exactly the way she is. And love her for it. While we’re at it, take a moment and love ourselves for our own unique inner beauty.

In honor of the breathtaking Susan Boyle and Pauline Viardot, let us stay true to our blessed fabulousness. Admire your gorgeous self in the mirror today, your smile, the curve of your hips. Decorate yourself. Dance to your favorite song. Hold true to you. It’s what I love about each and every woman, girl, person I meet!

With love and admiration, Goddess

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