Your New Adventure Awaits!

Happy New Year, New Year Planning

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Screw the resolutions, ladies!  Your new adventure awaits.  A year full of all you desire to create.  Adventure and travel, spreading love, joy and fun, developing new tastes, hobbies.  All you need is your imagination, action and who knows what you can accomplish?  I so look forward to this time of year.  Gratitude for the year that has gone by and all that I have to look forward to.  Wanna play with me?

Pick a time by the end of Jan 1st 2018.  Grab your laptop or a gorgeous writing pad and pen.  Light candles, sip on your favorite cocktail, cozy up in your favorite lingerie and softest blankets.  And REVEL.  REVEL in the brilliance of your past year.  How clever you are and all that you are grateful for.  Write it down to admire.  Now and when you don’t feel so clever.  Then…let your imagination run wild.  What would you love to accomplish and enjoy next year?  Write everything down, from the tiniest desire to the grandest.  Savor the thought of each one.  Post it where you can see it.  Fall asleep dreaming about them!

Then…develop an action plan for them.  Some will be easier than others…some will take more planning.  Some may be outrageous.  No matter.  Your desires and creations will fuel you through good, bad and routine.  Just start.  Write, admire and plan.  Oh…and please share.  SHARE.  Your creativity will inspire us all!  Have the happiest next few days planning your most incredible New Years EVER!

Love, Goddess

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Happiest Happy EVER

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Wishing everyone and those you love the happiest…





Holiday Season and….New Year!  Love, Goddess


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Wishing YOU

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Delicious Surprises



And love beyond your wildest dreams!

Love, Goddess

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Living Now!

“It’s My Life,”  Bon Jovi.  From BonJoviVEVO

Living Now!  Need a little pick me up?  It’s December…the start of one of the busiest times of year.  Think you can’t do one more thing? Fit one more bit of pleasure into your life?  You can.  Crank this tune up and dance your way to one more chore, one more errand, one more adventure or discovery.   Go ahead…it’s now or never!  Click here for the video.  Love, Goddess

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