Wishing YOU

Gorgeous Candles from Photos Public Domain  


Delicious Surprises



And love beyond your wildest dreams!

Love, Goddess

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Living Now!

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“It’s My Life,”  Bon Jovi.  From BonJoviVEVO

Living Now!  Need a little pick me up?  It’s December…the start of one of the busiest times of year.  Think you can’t do one more thing? Fit one more bit of pleasure into your life?  You can.  Crank this tune up and dance your way to one more chore, one more errand, one more adventure or discovery.   Go ahead…it’s now or never!  Click here for the video.  Love, Goddess

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful table setting from Family Holiday 


Happy Thanksgiving to the most gorgeous, sassy, stylish, fun, witty and fabulous of them all…YOU.

I am deeply grateful for:

Your continued support of Bitch Lifestyle

Your comments, questions and curiosity

Your willingness to be vulnerable

How open you are for MORE in your life

Your spirit

Your refusal to say “no” to anything you truly want

Your constant pursuit of pleasure

Your courage regarding your fears

How you adore every millimeter of your fabulous flesh

How you embrace your goodness AND your badness

You see how our emotions hold our truth

How brilliantly you release the emotion…even anger…to get to your truth

Your passionate pursuit of your dreams

Wishing you peace, love, abundance and everything you desire…

Love, Goddess


© S Stevens Life Strategies

Fall Fun Sassy B Style

Fall Fun Sassy B Style.  It’s here.  The season of cool days, crisp air and chilly nights.  Halloween is just around the corner…the day full of spooky surprises!  Even though it is so sad to see summer go, we must start to relish what is ahead of us.  Tomorrow is a mystery…what fall fun shall we encounter?  It helps if we get active.  As soon as possible so the season doesn’t get away with us!  Very easy to do since…well…we won’t discuss the next season yet!  Are you ready to play with fall fun?  I know you are.  Here is a video from Bitch Lifestyle on You Tube to get you ready for play.   Love, Goddess

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