Evita Peron

Evita Peron
Evita Peron image from Shining Wizard 

Evita Peron was a charming dynamo who took Argentina by storm.  She started out as a poor prostitute and died adored and mourned by millions.  She became a skilled political speaker and used her position to help people.  She wanted to help those, who like herself, started out in poverty.

  1. Embrace Risk:  She didn’t let her unfortunate beginnings keep her down.  Evita wanted to be successful in Argentina.  She had a dream and went for it.  She became a successful radio personality and actress.
  2. Adapt:  Evita adapted to the needs of up and coming politician Juan Peron.  She had to if she wanted to be more than a Mistress.  She wanted to be his wife which would help her realize her dream of fame and fortune.
  3. Appearances Matter:  She knew how much appearances mattered.  She knew she had to look her best to stand out and be admired by the people of Argentina:  She always looked glamorous.  Designer labels from head to toe so “the people who dreamt about her” wouldn’t be let down.
  4. Silence is Powerful:  She knew when to be quiet.  She knew the power of just listening.

So how do you channel a little of Evita into your life? Evita, the Legend of Eva Peron (1919-1952) Especially if you don’t (at the moment) have a rich, powerful head of a country to lavish his money on you?

  • Never be caught with unkempt roots.  Keep them in check between appointments.  Even if you need the swipe of a mascara wand.  Don’t be caught dead in public in sweats or pajamas.  Do your make-up and wear jewelry. If someone loves your outfit? Don’t tell them it’s Walmart.  (Even if it is) Say you got it in a store in New York City.   I wore this dress for years from Walmart that people thought was designer from New York City.  I did get in New York City (sassy smile).  Or just say “Thank you.”
  • Cultivate an air of mystery.  Let people wonder about you.  Just because they ask a question (especially if it’s personal!) doesn’t mean you have to answer.  Don’t give it all up…putting every aspect of your life on social media.
  • Adapt instead of whine, moan, or not take action.  What’s more effective…whining about how you can’t do something or actually taking steps to achieve it?
  • Take chances.  I’m not saying go to a dangerous area and walk around alone…I’m saying get adventurous.  And if something bugs you or you don’t like it?  Don’t let that have power over you.  If you are afraid of trusting people?  Analyze why.  Maybe it’s the people you are around?  Solution:  Take action by getting out and meeting new people.

Oh…and most importantly…enjoy channeling your inner Bitch Goddess…just like Evita did.  Love, Goddess

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Ice Dancing Perfection

Video from  cangp08 on YouTube

Ice Dancing Perfection. Last week I was blown away by the grace, beauty and strength of this ice dancing team from the United States:  Meryl Davis and Charlie White.  Their fluidity and execution is the result of natural talent and working hard together for 17 years.  17 years.  Success doesn’t happen over night, beauties!  Perfection has hard work behind it. Last night they skated for the gold medal.  I resisted the urge to peak at the spoilers.  I wanted to watch them skate without knowing the outcome.  It makes the watching that much more powerful…the not knowing how it turns out.

As I watched them perform, this Sassy Bitch started to cry.  Cry because the beauty of their skating moved me to it.  The way they move together and the way her body moves!  The body of woman is such a pleasure to watch.  Meryl has trained her body to make the movements look effortless.  And we all know the truth.  We cannot duplicate that artistry without breaking something!  So I wanted to share with you.  Share the inspiration of hard, yet passionate work.  The beauty of it all coming together.   I wanted you to have this to help you take the next action on the path to your dreams.  To make you want to relish more.  Strive more and celebrate all your victories on the path to sweet perfection and success! To you reaching and attaining whatever aspiration that is going to give you your gold medal in life!

This video shows their recent performance in Boston Mass.  It’s the same performance they used in the Sochi Olympics.  Enjoy.  Want more?  Here is their website for more!  Meryl-Charlie  

Love, Goddess

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Sassy Self Confidence

self confidence
Gorgeous image can be found at Pining.com

Samantha knew she was over dressed for the movies but just had to wear her new shoes!

What do you want your first impression to be?  Greasy or full of Sassy Self Confidence?

It always makes me sad when I see a woman look like she put zero effort into her outfit for the day.  Literally looking like she has just rolled out of bed.  When she could be making an entrance. Rocking the side-walk with her style.  Devastating people with their first glance at her.

Sassy Self Confidence starts with your gorgeous body.  Make it a goal to make a devastating first impression always!  Even if you are going to work out, look adorable.  Slick on some lip gloss and work that dazzling smile.   Taking care of the body you were blessed with will make you feel good.  It will help you feel confident and alive.  It will become a habit so entrenched that if you are caught in a wind storm and meet Ryan Gosling?  You will ooze self confidence and beauty.  And it matters!  If you don’t look like you care about how you look, you don’t look like you care very much about yourself.  And if you don’t care very much about yourself, what do you care about?  Where’s the passion for your hot little self?

I’ve been reading a few books about stylish women.  I will be sharing the basics and the over the top.  Let’s start slow.  One book was about Basic French Chic.  Easy and doable.  So let’s DO:

  1. Exercise:  No time?  I hear you.  Make it a part of your daily activities.  Today I’m a bit stressed with a lot on my plate.  I am doing wall push ups, grocery shopping, raking leaves and running other errands with a little extra gusto.
  2. Wardrobe:  This is a great article on how to work the basics From Hubpages
  3. The French “No Make Up Look” makes you look polished but enhances your beauty.  Foundation to even out skin tone, blush, mascara and neutral lip.  Voila you are done.
  4. Take care of your skin.  What’s that quote?  You earn the skin you have in your 50s?  Sounds good to me.  Start earning it.
  5. Look presentable always.  Not just for the time you meet your ex and his new girl.  Do it because you want to always look your best.  You’ll never know what exciting offer comes your way. Trust me on this.  I can’t tell you how many free things I get when I look my best.  I can even be in sweats thanks to cute hair ornaments and lip gloss!
  6. Turn off the TV and cultivate your mind.  Learn something new.  Research something you never thought to.
  7. Enjoy your femininity.  Learn from Famous Seductresses!  One of my faves:  Seductress by Betsy Prioleau
  8. Posture.  Slouching makes you look withdrawn.  Bitches don’t withdraw from anything or anyone!

We all have days when all we want to do is relax, put our hair up in a pony tail and hang in our pajamas.  It becomes a problem when we let this filter into our lives all the time.   The “just outta beddy” look is wonderful relaxing at home or works in an emergency.  Respect that gorgeous body of yours by keeping it in the best shape time allows and adoring it with the best clothes you can afford. Rock that Sassy Self Confidence every time you step out into the world!  Love Goddess

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Divine Beauty

Beauty Quote from Penelope’s Oasis. Visit this fab site for more! 

I have two divine beauty products I adore that I want to share with you!

One is an amazing body oil from a very expensive skin care line.  Caudalie.  The cool part?  Right now they have a small spray size for only $9.00!  I don’t know about you but I hate spending a lot of money on something I may not like.  The reason why I bought this oil is because I kept reading wonderful things about it.  When I found the $9.00 sales tag I was sold!  First off…there is the name…it is called “Divine Oil.”  It has this dreamy scent that is not at all too heavy.  Most oils are way to heavy!  And the spray is genius…spray a little here and there.  Surround yourself in this intoxicating scent.  You SO deserve it!  Here is the link to the deal:  Caudalie Divine Oil  Here is also a link to the Caudalie Paris website:  Caudalie

Next…I always loved Woolite with its fresh clean scent.  Then I found these amazing lingerie washes by Tocca.  My favorite is Cleopatra.  It has this fresh cucumber scent.  Mmmmm… My new favorite is Florence.  Still light … but with warm romantic notes.  Explore the yummy options for your lingerie: Cleopatra Laundry Delicate  Here is a link the the main Tocca Beauty website:  Tocca Beauty

So there you have it.  Short and sweet.  Two divine beauty ways to adore your divine self with 2 gorgeous products that are so worthy of you!  Love, Goddess

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