Adapting 101

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Adapting 101.  How much can you handle being thrown at you and how hard can you rock it?  I had the flu last week and was confined to my couch and TV.  Lucky for me a movie favorite was on.  “Seems Like Old Times,” starring Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase.  I just loved Goldie in this movie when I was a kid.  As an adult woman I appreciated something that I hadn’t seen when I was a young girl.

How she charmingly, sweetly and cleanly handled all the crap that was thrown at her during this movie.  The clip above pretty much shows it all.  Even in the one point in the movie where Goldie couldn’t take one more problem, one more curve ball, one more tiny bit of stress and she had an anxiety attack?  She was able to tell her husband exactly what she needed without screaming at him or taking her frustration out on him.  Without being awful and mean.

Can you do that?  You can if you had what Goldie’s character has in this film:

  1. Confidence.
  2. Her ability to communicate is outstanding.  Her training as a lawyer has given her this skill.
  3. Even when she is less than put together, her confidence and sense of humor shine making her quite irresistible.
  4. Her trust and love in people make them respect her. She sees the good in everyone.  She does not assume or judge.

Goldies’ character took action instead of letting her Drama Queen suck her under. Goldie is all feminine Sassy Bitch! Yeah…the movie is real old…but just think of how much you could stand out today? Among the crowds of over-reacting people if you channeled this in yourself?  Ready to take a couple steps into channeling this sweet, charming and oh so feminine part of yourself? Start with a crash course in communicating:

  1. Rent the movie “Seems Like Old Times,” and notice how Goldie communicates.  What do you notice?  What intrigues you and what do you wish YOU could do?
  2. Study people communicating around you.  Who reacts and who handles different people with aplomb?
  3. Watch the TV Show Shark Tank.  Notice who communicates well with the Sharks and who is a disaster.
  4. Take care of yourself every single day.  If you are run down and emotionally exhausted, communicating effectively is so much harder. Give yourself this break and notice how it helps you over the next few weeks and months.

Want more?  Read the suggested articles below.  Enjoy and play with what you are learning.  Practice becoming the best communicator ever!  Love, Goddess

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A Week of “Bs” Saturday
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A Week of “Bs” Saturday…the last day!

Be Grateful.

For everything.  For the less obvious:  the water and the pipes it travels to get to your home.  For the obvious:  Your health.  To the challenges that make you grow in confidence and sassy experience.  Your friends, family, lovers.  The air, the ocean, the breeze.  All the delicious food choices, music choices and entertainment choices we have access to.  How the cool grass feels on your feet. There is a lot to Be Grateful for.  See it.  Feel it.  Cherish it!  This is a lot. You better get started. Love, Goddess

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A Week of Bs: Thursday
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Week of Bs Thursday:  BE FUN!!!!

It’s really simple.  Just do it.  Here are some inspirational choices for weekly fall fun:

1.  It’s apple season get in there and enjoy. Go to an apple farm, pick some apples and make yummy pies, tarts and crisps.  Throw in different fruits that turn you on, different spices.  Try different apples too.  Bitch it up by making or finding the gooiest, most decadent caramel apple you’ve ever seen and enjoying it.  Savor it.  Absolutely no guilt.

2.  Go on a hay ride with all your girlfriends.  Bitch it up by wearing hot yet comfy fall outfits.  Bring blankets, hot cocoa or tea and frolic in the hay together.  Flirt with your driver, flirt with the girl selling the tickets.  Pick a song to celebrate the outing and play it.

3.  Accept last minute offers for fun.  I don’t care what it is.  A party, a baseball game, movie, dinner, just do it.  Make time for it.  It will refresh you.  You may be a little tired the next day, but the impromptu fun is so worth it.

4.  Get outside this weekend by the beach, the park, the pond.  Bring a blanket, lie down and close your eyes.  Enjoy the rays of warm sunshine on your face and body.  Breathe deeply the fresh, cool, crisp air surrounding you.

5.  Find a local charity you love.  Work with them to create a haunted house with all your friends.  Create the most fun, haunted house, field, hayride, barn whatever, ever!  Give the profits to your charity.

For the full list…here you go:  Feisty Fall Fun

Class dismissed.  Love, Goddess

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A Week of “Bs” Wednesday
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A week of “Bs” Wednesday is not easy.  It’s a process that needs to be a discipline in your life ASAP.  Week of Bs Wednesday:  Be Aware. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  It’s not.  We live in a world where a lot of people are addicted to tech and the apps that support them.   These devices…if fully implemented in your life can lead to distraction and addiction:

  1. Accidents/distracted driving from people texting, eating, fiddling with belongings, etc. etc. while driving cars or operating any sort of machinery.
  2. IMMEDIATE need to know who is calling/texting/emailing.  This ruins focus.  Whether at work, on a date or relaxing on a day off.
  3. Walking into the street rapt in whatever is up with the cell phone. Not looking to see if there is ongoing traffic or other pedestrians.
  4. Spending hours playing games on a computer, tweeting, Facebook and Instagram updating.
  5. Believing everything you see and read on the Internet without finding out if it’s true or not.  Especially something that says “New research,” Experts say,” “According to XYZ.” Here’s a biggie:  “Un-named sources.”

I could go on and on but you know where I’m going.  New tech is great.  It helps our productivity, connects us to the world, gives us information on any little thing that we desire.  We can even have books downloaded to us in an instant.  The irony is…because we are so dependent on these devices, we miss the world…the REAL world right in front of us.  And because of all the information thrown at us we sometimes don’t have the time to educate ourselves to see if said “info” is really true. (Bonus B:  Be Skeptical) There is so much to do, so much we want to do that we rush from one thing to another.  One commitment to another.  One job to another.  Errand here, errand there.  By the time we have done all that we have to do we are exhausted and must sleep.  Because of this, our “self-care” suffers.  That Bitch voice deep within us gets crowded out with all the things that can distract us.

Bitch voice = our truth.  And she must have attention.  Every day.  Awareness comes from attention.  Whatever you give attention to expands.  If we give most of our attention to a tech device…think of all we are missing!  There is a new DirectTV commercial.  It’s supposed to be humorous because of our obsession with our phones. To me it’s just sad.  Instead of enjoying amazing places (where some of these people are) they are watching their phones:

Don’t let this happen to you!  LOL… What are quickie benefits to Be Aware?

  1. You’re less likely to fall off a cliff.  You’re more likely to enjoy the gorgeous view, the wind on your face, the accomplishment you have just achieved.
  2. When you devote all your attention to a person you are with?  That sort of attention is infectious.
  3. You will not be the person standing in the way or invading personal space.
  4. Food, music, sounds, sight become more beautiful and intense.
  5. That unease you feel in your body makes you act. Example from my life:  A few days ago I had to cancel a meeting.  The meeting is normally held in a safe place. Once a year they have a carnival where we meet and it was going to happen during our meeting.  The first time I saw the carnival it made me very uneasy. I trusted that awareness this time and canceled the meeting.  There was not one but two shootings at that carnival on the day I cancelled.  Exactly where we meet!

So unplug purposefully.  This is so important to you reaching full bad ass Bitch mode that I want you to put this right under your “Be Pleasured” and do it every day.  Want to make kick-*** decisions?  Be aware through self-care so you can trust yourself.  Love, Goddess

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