Confidence: Signs You’re A Sassy Bitch


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Confidence: Signs Your A Sassy Bitch:

  1. The word “compromise” makes you yawn.
  2. You know what you want and succeed because you find a way when most people quit.
  3. You’re finances are in order.
  4. You take care of your mind, body and soul.  It’s your top investment.
  5. You listen to a man’s words with healthy skepticism.  Actions turn you on.
  6. You don’t whine about a problem. You solve the problem.
  7. You stay glued to your passions.  They are the keys to your success.
  8. You’ve been called a “spit fire” by a man at least once this week.
  9. You don’t care if the hot sexy piece of ass you just met calls you or not.  If he’s worth your time, he makes time for you.
  10. You take care of your home, family, friends, career, plants.  Because you respect how hard you worked and how lucky you are to have them.
  11. If your man tells you he “needs space” you blow him a sassy kiss or help him pack.
  12. You understand and appreciate the male ego.  So you can work it for both your pleasure.
  13. You know that just because a guy wants to have sex with you, it  doesn’t mean he actually likes you.
  14. You absolutely relish calling people on their crap in a calm and unemotional way.  True Bitches know why.
  15. You politely listen to the advice and ideas people give you.  Then do exactly what you want to do.  How you want to do it.
  16. If someone who loves you calls you on your crap, you listen.  You know they are doing it because they truly love and care.
  17. You can’t remember the last time you apologized for anything.

A Sassy Bitch got her confidence because:

1.  She takes care of herself.  She takes the time to know what turns her on and stays moving to her groove.  The better she takes care of herself the more confidence she attains.

2.  She doesn’t spend a lot of time apologizing for things she does.  Because she knows that what she did was right.  She knows she’s won when less confident “Drama Queen” people try to put the blame back on her and make excuses.  Thanks to taking care of herself, these less confident “Drama Queen” people are replaced with confident and wonderful people.  Confident and wonderful people are less prone to doing things that need an apology.  They know when they are wrong and fess up to it.  Much simpler than the Drama Queen, no?

3.  Because she takes care of herself, she always looks good.  She never looks like she just rolled out of bed, she fuels her body with healthy foods and has a wardrobe that makes her feel confident and put together.  She has glowing skin and enjoys playing with her make up.  That little girl that loves to play dress up is always in us!

4.  By taking care of herself she feels good.  When something doesn’t feel right or makes her cringe, she listens to that voice inside her screaming HELL NO!!!!

6.  She takes care of negative emotions (anger, fear, worry) before they have time to fester in her body.  Pushing away these emotions can lead to illness, chronic pain and other body ailments.

7.  Because she takes such good care of herself, she is able to laugh at most day to day annoyances.  And get right back into her groove.

8.  Have a yen to start your own hot little business?  A woman entrepreneur is an amazing organizer.  She knows it all starts with her.  She oozes confidence. Mindbody: together on purpose.  Mindbodysoul.

9.  Healthy relationships start with you.  A vibrant healthy you helps all your relationships.

Notice a theme here?  It all starts with you, honey.  Loving yourself is not negative or selfish.  It’s discovering and loving what makes you feel your best.  Which fuels your confidence.  Which is the fuel for everything.  Love, Goddess

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Healthy Habits What A Bitch Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing

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Healthy habits…for your self esteem, dating, career and everything else fun in between!  These healthy habits for you … and the actions you put behind them are all sassy, fun and successful Bitch.  How many healthy habits do you prescribe to? 😉

1.   Reading books like “He’s Just Not That Into You” or “How to Land A Man.”  (Yes, that’s a real book too. Tried to find a link but…couldn’t…YES!)

2.   Compromising.

3.   Starting a sentence with… “The problem with you is…”  or  “No way I’d ever do that…”

4.   Failing to rise to the challenge.

5.   Whining about being bored or having nothing to do.

6.   Wallowing in the past or what (sniff) could have been.

7.   Spitting, cracking gum, slurping, burping, or itching certain areas in public.

8.   Shying away if she’s in the center of a scandal.  (She faces it head on with pleasure and rises above it.)

9.   Being a wallflower at an event or party.

10. Avoiding anything that’s scary, uncomfortable or makes her a little uneasy. (Bitch says Bring it On!)

11.  Like she just rolled out of bed in public.  (She takes the time to take care of herself.  She’s never one of those people walking in flip flops in 3 feet of snow, or wearing polka dot and plaid together)

12.  Saying “no” to an intriguing adventure or anything new.

13.  Whining.

14.  Shrinking or surrendering to a man. Letting him control her every move.  (Exception:  she’s “surrendering” to a man giving her pleasure in bed)

15.  Begging a man to stay after he’s told her he needs “space.”  (She blows him a sassy kiss or helps him pack.)

16.  Being embarrassed talking about her passions, fantasies and exploits.

17.  Devoting herself to a man after the first date.   (She plays the field with relish until a man shows he’s worthy of her)

18.  Being unappreciative to those she loves and all she has.

19.  Ignoring a man’s ego.  (A real Bitch appreciates it and works it for boths’ pleasure)

20.  When asked by someone “What’s new?”  She says “Not much.”

21.  Did I mention “whining?”


I know you checked off at least 15!  If not?  Then it’s the perfect time to take action and acquire of few more of these confidence building healthy habits!  Love, Goddess


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Command Respect!

Do you command respect? I‘m talking in all aspects of your life: at work and at home, with family and friends. Do you have a set of life rules that you live by? When your rules are disrespected by someone, do you call them on it politely but firmly? The Bitch does. The Bitch knows that by loving herself and calling someone on their disrespect, problems are solved faster.
1. Setting up life rules commands respect for yourself and of others.
2. Your life rules make the choices you make easier.

The Bitch knows that her rules may change over time. She knows that it’s important to study and practice them:

Old Life rule: I treat everyone with love and respect.

Problem: I discovered I wasn’t giving myself the same loving patience I give others. I now expect the same patience from those I care about for me. This led to refining that life rule and morphing it into a Bitch Rule:

Bitch Rule: My family, friends and acquaintances treat me with the same loving patience and understanding that I honor them with.  I honor myself by treating me with the same loving actions.

Over time, as you respect yourself more, pleasurable things begin to happen. I love having doors opened for me wherever I go. I discovered how much I loved this respectful behavior from men and this action multiplied. Friends notice and comment on it. They say “that never happens to me.“ I tell them it would if you desire and enjoy it.

Respect for yourself multiplies in other areas, too. I don’t get hurt or angry any more from random disrespect. I communicate much more effectively my displeasure. If someone is having a bad day, it’s not my fault. Why take it personally? Taking random disrespect personally is a time waster. There are so many other things to enjoy!

Today’s assignment: Create your list of Bitch Rules. How you would like to be treated by everyone you encounter and love? Put your Bitch Rules on gorgeous paper and print them out. Post them somewhere so everyone can see them. Practice them daily and take notes. Review them in a few weeks. Do you want to make changes or additions? Continue the process until they make you feel amazing and free.
I would love to hear what your life rules are, ladies! Please share.  Love, Goddess
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Bitch Rule #1: Love Yourself. With Abandon!

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Bitch Rule #1:  Love Yourself.  With Abandon!  Every delicious, naughty, amazing ounce of you.

Bitch Rule #2:  We will not compete with other women.  This forum is a place where we can support, cheer, and turn each other on with our individual sense of fun, play and laughter.

Bitch Rule #3:  We will not judge each other here.   The path to falling completely in love with ourselves takes some unexpected turns.  We support each other and love the discoveries!

Bitch Rule #4:  We treat our bodies like the gorgeous vessels they are.  Our skin, organs, lips, brain, hair, limbs and luscious pussies are celebrated.  Every inch.  We are beautiful!

Bitch Rule #5:  We love our girlfriends and stay faithful always!  We do not break dates with them when our new guys call us last minute.  Or change plans with them if he wants to do something.  Our time with our girlfriends is sacred.  We keep that time when we start seeing a new man, have a boyfriend or get married.  Yay girlfriends!

Bitch Rule #6:  We are grateful and appreciate what we have everyday.  Our families, friends, men, careers, children, pets, plants and our luscious bodies.  (There is so much to appreciate!  Thank you Universe!!)

Bitch Rule #7:  We revel in our power to attract as women.  We are attractors.   Magnets.

Bitch Rule #8:  We understand that a lot of men don’t understand what we want.   The sexes communicate in such different ways.   Here we will learn how to communicate in a way to make them understand what we want.  We will do so in a loving and patient way.

Bitch Rule #9:  We stand by those who stand by us.

And there is so much more fun to come…Love, Goddess

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