Christmas Tis’ The Season for the Sassy Bitch!

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Christmas tis’ the season for the Sassy Bitch!  Here are lots of idea to bring fun for you and those you love this Christmas…

  1. Tell Santa you’ve only been “slightly naughty” this year.
  2. Hand out mistletoe wherever you go.  Especially to the handsome men you encounter…
  3. Send anonymous gifts to people in need.
  4. Before shopping, put on an outfit you feel absolutely divine in.  Do your hair and make-up.  Glam yourself up with sparkle and a spritz of your favorite perfume.  (If you see Santa…now would be a good time to tell him you’ve only been slightly naughty)
  5. When tipping your hair dresser or other service person give them a gorgeous flower, too!
  6. Throw your own little Christmas or Holiday party.  Listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movie and eat and drink only the things you absolutely adore.  (For me that would be double creme brie, red grapes, red wine and dark Belgium chocolate for dessert.  Mmmmm…)
  7. Go to Claire’s and put a fun impromptu gift bag together for your girlfriends.  They have such fun stuff there.  Bath goodies, boas, make-up, jewelry.  Or…bring the bag with you and hand them out to random people as gifts.  Spread the fun and spirit wherever you go.
  8. Get in touch with your inner child.  Play skee ball at an arcade.  Make a child’s day by picking one and giving them your winning tickets!
  9. Start a tradition with your family.  It could be as simple as reading a story or having dinner together on a special night.  This year I’m making cinnamon rolls from scratch for Christmas morning.
  10. It doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Christmas.  It is the spirit of fun, loving and giving that I want you to play with.  What could be better than surrounding yourself with this spirit?  We all could use a bit more fun, no?  So have it!  Classed dismissed.

I would love to hear your seasonal Sassy Bitch ideas.  Please share here and on our Bitch Lifestyle Facebook.  Love, Goddess

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