Command Respect!

Do you command respect? I‘m talking in all aspects of your life: at work and at home, with family and friends. Do you have a set of life rules that you live by? When your rules are disrespected by someone, do you call them on it politely but firmly? The Bitch does. The Bitch knows that by loving herself and calling someone on their disrespect, problems are solved faster.
1. Setting up life rules commands respect for yourself and of others.
2. Your life rules make the choices you make easier.

The Bitch knows that her rules may change over time. She knows that it’s important to study and practice them:

Old Life rule: I treat everyone with love and respect.

Problem: I discovered I wasn’t giving myself the same loving patience I give others. I now expect the same patience from those I care about for me. This led to refining that life rule and morphing it into a Bitch Rule:

Bitch Rule: My family, friends and acquaintances treat me with the same loving patience and understanding that I honor them with.  I honor myself by treating me with the same loving actions.

Over time, as you respect yourself more, pleasurable things begin to happen. I love having doors opened for me wherever I go. I discovered how much I loved this respectful behavior from men and this action multiplied. Friends notice and comment on it. They say “that never happens to me.“ I tell them it would if you desire and enjoy it.

Respect for yourself multiplies in other areas, too. I don’t get hurt or angry any more from random disrespect. I communicate much more effectively my displeasure. If someone is having a bad day, it’s not my fault. Why take it personally? Taking random disrespect personally is a time waster. There are so many other things to enjoy!

Today’s assignment: Create your list of Bitch Rules. How you would like to be treated by everyone you encounter and love? Put your Bitch Rules on gorgeous paper and print them out. Post them somewhere so everyone can see them. Practice them daily and take notes. Review them in a few weeks. Do you want to make changes or additions? Continue the process until they make you feel amazing and free.
I would love to hear what your life rules are, ladies! Please share.  Love, Goddess
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6 thoughts on “Command Respect!

  1. i agree getting th respect you deserve is the most amazing thing that can ever happen but it needs a lot of work from our side!

  2. Think before you speak but always speak what you think.

    Take time for yourself.

    Set attainable goals.

    Do not define your self worth in the image of a man.

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