Competitiveness Where Has it Gone?

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Competitiveness. The good kind. The kind that fuels your fire for success! How do you react when you hear these?

  1. You can’t do that.
  2. Why would you want to do that?
  3. Impossible.
  4. You don’t have it.
  5. Why don’t you try something easier?
  6. You’re not being fair.  That can KILL the good kind of competitiveness.  Watch being fair to the point of destroying what you are creating.
  7. To the blank stare you get when you share your idea or passion with someone.

If you aren’t rolling your eyes?  Renew your passionate competitiveness!  Competition is not a bad word. You want a gold medal?  You have to train. You want to be an actor or singer?  You have to train.  You want to be a lawyer?  Train.   Then apply the training.  The athlete has the sporting event.  The actor the audition. The lawyer the courtroom. Athlete, actor, lawyer…not one will succeed without the training and applying.  There will always be people competing for one opportunity. So relish the opportunity. Relish relish relish! Know when to fight.  Make giving up not an option. My regular readers know I run an improv group.  Our goal is to perform in Boston and beyond. A little over a year ago we lost a major opportunity. Performing at a well-known comedy theatre in Boston. My intuition was telling me we would be better on our own.  I had to convince the group of that. How? By getting another performing opportunity.  ASAP.  I knew that would motivate people.  A year later and we have 3 shows a month, a Director and groups coming to us because of our hard work. YES!

Want an example of something that kills “good competitiveness” today?  Twitter.  Twitter has nice people (check out my Twitter Twitterati list on @Goddesspower) It’s also has nasty people.  They take to Twitter and complain about everything.  They mock people and ideas.  You, me, how pathetic their lives are and exactly how they would do things and make things better.  ‘Cept they never do.  It’s passive action.  They are mean to millions but they can’t see their own fear and lack of courage.  Worse?  They lie to give their ideas truth.  Or don’t check their facts.  Because they read it somewhere.  Lies hurt people.  So is being uninformed.  Being uninformed hurts yourself.  This is a fun example from Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube:

Watch out!  Lying and being uninformed may get you national exposure.  LOL.  So how do we stay OUT of the negative side of competitiveness?  It’s not easy…but here are some practical and fun ways!

  1. Avoid becoming close with people who compete with you in an unhealthy way.
  2. After a day surrounded with competitive, bad energy people?  Wash them off…literally.  Surround yourself in beauty to counteract the ugly.
  3. Instead of spending the day on social media, turn it off and call someone you’re close to and make a live date!
  4. Tell a fun male friend that you want them to tickle you until you beg for mercy.
  5. Wine, pomegranate margarita, scorpion bowl.  Depends on the day.  😉
  6. Find positive people.  Watch and learn. Soak in their energy!
  7. Keep encounters with people who work competitiveness in a negative way brief.  Prepare:  Have polite responses ready.
  8. Do something nice anonymously. It’s fun!
  9. Treat yourself to a blow out, pedicure or massage.
  10. Meditate.  I had to do that yesterday.  A LOT (lol)
  11. Create your “competitive dance.”  A dance to celebrate, encourage and wallow in when things go awry.
  12. Relish your passions!

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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