Courage is going for what you want.  While those who live in fear say “it can’t be done.”

Courage is embracing who you are.  It will be the warm hug when you’re low.

Courage is letting someone give to you.  Which is letting someone love you.

Courage is not having regrets.  It’s having learned something.

Courage is refusing to be a doormat.  It means you’re a strong, confident, sassy woman. THE definition of a Bitch.

Courage is correcting someone when they call your privates “Junk.”  Kesha:  “My glorious feminine core is one hot shiny sexy diamond!”

Courage is saying  Hell No!  to anything that mutilates a woman and her feminine core.  Anything that removes or alters her hot, shiny, sexy diamond.

Courage is smiling sassily and saying “Thank You…” when someone calls you a Bitch.

Courage is letting more women know about our hot, sassy, world changing secrets.

Courage is knowing when your Drama Queen is running wild.  And knowing how to tame her.

Courage is telling a man exactly what you want.  How, when and where.

Courage is giving birth.

Courage is staying true to yourself when dating or in a relationship.  If you give up your “things” for a man, you’re giving up YOU.

Courage is calling someone else on their crap.   And listening when someone who loves you calls you on YOURS.

Courage is loving yourself.  Every delicious, sassy, naughty ounce of you.

Courage requires some work.  Work that leads you on a journey of discovery, happiness and oh so much more!

Courage is … us, Bitches!

Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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