Cowardice and The Bitch

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The Online Dictionary definition of cowardice:

Cowardice \Cow”ard*ice\ (-[i^]s), n. [F. couardise, fr. couard.  See Coward.]  Want of courage to face danger; extreme timidity; pusillanimity; base fear of danger or hurt; lack of spirit.

Everyone has fear.  Everyone has things to do that aren’t easy, or that they don’t want to do.  How you handle these things show whether you’re a coward or not.   Saturday night I was depending on someone for a show I was producing.  An hour before the show he flaked by email.  He knew I wouldn’t get the email until the next day.  This is a coward.  I was able to fix the problem easily regarding the show.   I like to focus on getting things done and not the drama.  Not easy in the theatre business.  There are a lot of Drama Queens to deal with.

Emailing and texting is designed for quick, concise communication.  If you want to learn how to communicate clearly in 140 words or less, Twitter is a fantastic tool.  However, I have people following me on Twitter that promote “ending relationships” or “tell them what you think without confronting them over TEXT messages.”   TEXT messages.  And these are popular businesses!  If you don’t make time for important discussions in person, you’re a coward.

Not having important discussions in person can impact your life negatively:

1.  Over time, the drama of dealing with people in person will become more unpleasant than it should be.  You may agonize for hours over something that could’ve been dealt with in minutes.

2.  People will lose respect for you and think you’re a wuss.  The definition of “wuss” from the Free Online Dictionary: wuss :  n. Slang A person regarded as weak or timid and especially as unmanly.  Because of this lack of respect, over time, people may not listen to your points of view or flat out ignore them.

Discussing and solving problems in person makes you a stronger person because:

1.  When life throws you curve balls and life is zooming at 200 miles per hour, this strength will serve you.   You’ll be able to adapt and communicate clearly.   Instead of thinking about what to say in a text or on the phone, you’ll be able to state your case in person.  Your heart may still beat faster at first, but I’d swap a few fast heart beats for being a wuss anyday.

2.  You’ll scare a lot of people if you are upfront, blunt and charming.  That’s power.  Remember this Dolly Parton video.

3.  You’ll attract and keep people in your inner circle who are not cowards and wussies.  They’ll have your back.  Cowards don’t.

4.  Think about all the extra time you’ll free up by taking charge and not agonizing.  You’ll have plenty of time to Get Outrageous!  

What I found most interesting in the cowardice definition:  The “lack of spirit.”  Mmmmm…lack of spirit.   That’s so hot when you think about it.  Cowards don’t fight for their wants, desires, dreams, or themselves.   Too afraid to offend anybody, they don’t say anything.  They’re non-confrontational and send a text.    Power is knowing that you can calmly discuss something without getting emotional.  Facing those fears.   A Bitch understands this.   She faces fears and difficult situations with relish.  And that’s spirit!  Love, Goddess

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