Crash! Embracing Curveballs

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This week at Bitch University:  Crash!  What do you do when the **** hits the fan?

You really want something.  It takes a long time and loads of effort, sweat, blood and tears to get it.  The closer you get, the better you get at organizing and making sure every duck is in a row.  You clever thing you!  You are so close!  Yes!   It’s here!

Then the you know what hits the fan.  And it doesn’t hit the fan in one place.  That would be way too easy.  It hits the fan in multiple ways.  You want to throw the fan out the window and all the people/curveballs with it.  No one takes as seriously what you want.  Sniff.  You catch yourself getting dramatic and push it back.  Good Bitch.  You say to yourself: a Bitch takes action.  Then you say to yourself, “I can’t depend on so and so.  I have to do everything.”  This time your Good Bitch hasn’t a chance.  You start to “why” everything you’ve ever done on the path to getting what you want.  Hello Drama Queen.  Bitch is on vacation.

Luckily we have each other and the growing Bitch Rebellion.  This week on our Facebook page we’re going to share ideas on how to deal with curveballs so we stay in our Divine and oh so good in a crisis Bitch.  No matter how big or small the crisis, we learn from each other, support each other and stay grounded in our sisterhood.

You know tricks that work for me to stay grounded:  Kick boxing, deep breaths, preparation, inspirational quotes when people doubt me, a hot shower with all my favorite beauty treatments, etc.  What do you do, gorgeous?  The Bitch Rebellion needs more weapons in her sassy and beautiful arsenal.  Post them here or Bitch it up by joining the discussion on our Facebook page:

We’re a collective Scarlett O’Hara.  Defiantly declaring:  As God as our witness, we will never lie down and take crap from anyone again!

Because we work everyday at not letting things bug, irritate or distract us.  Thanks to our Collective, Sassy Arsenal! We work at staying focused on our goals.  Someone calls us a “Bitch” and we give them a warm smile and say thank you in a charming and disarming way.  Then go home and take care of that cringe we get when we are insulted.  That’s staying in your powerful Bitch.  Not letting anyone or anything have power over us.  Unless of course, it gives you pleasure. I’m talking #14.

Love, Goddess

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  1. “As God as our witness, we will never lie down and take crap from anyone again!”


  2. I’m so excited to watch “Gone With The Wind,” with you. Great movie, yummy munchies and drinkies! Love, Goddess

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