D Day: What Does it Have to do With YOUR Personal Life?

Inaction breeds doubt and fear.  Action breeds confidence and courage.

 If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.

 Go out and get busy.  Dale Carnegie

D Day: What Does it Have to do With YOUR Personal Life?

Last night I finally watched historical documentaries on D Day.  I was putting it off because it’s horrifying.  In the back our minds we get it.  But if we don’t remind ourselves of how important the event was we may slip.  And let those powers that started the war take over us. Not just in the world…but in our personal lives.  In this recap on how World War 2 started, do you notice something that can affect you in your own life?

  • The Treaty of Versailles didn’t allow the Germans to rebuild their army.   In 1936 Hitler publicly dismissed the Treaty of Versailles. The British and French protested, but did nothing.
  • The Treaty of Versailles de-militarized the industrial zones of Saar and the Rhineland.  Hitler needed these zones to rebuild his military power.  Hitler gambled that if he invaded the Saar and Rhineland, the League of Nations would do nothing.  He was correct and easily took the zones over.
  • Germany used diplomacy to  convince the world of their peaceful intentions.  The world listened to their words of peace and ignored their actions of war.
  • In March 1938, the Germans marched into Austria, invited by the new Austrian Chancellor.  This was meant to be a union of two sovereign states.  In reality, Austria was absorbed into the German state.  Hitler was ecstatic because he was from Austria and had made it a part of Germany.  The British and French protested but did nothing.
  • Next, Hitler turned his attention to Checkoslovakia.  Hitler felt it had no right to exist.  Hitler targeted the Sudantland because that was where most of the Checkoslavakian defenses were located. Hitler demanded the Checkoslovakians turn the Sudantland over to Germany.  They refused.  After a “furry of negotiations,” the British and French signed an agreement with Hitler.  For the promise of “no more German” expansion, they gave Hitler the Sudantland.  This was supposed to create stability in Europe.  The Germans moved into the Sudantland.  Hitler flew into Prague and declared that Checkoslovakia no longer existed.
  • After this latest take over, Europe erupted with a flurry of diplomatic activity.  Each side trying to solidify their power.  The British and French formed an alliance and tried to bring Russia in. Russia was the only country that had an army that could challenge Germany.  Because Hitler despised Communism, this should have been attained easily for the British and French.  Despite this, Germany formed a “non-aggression pact” with Russia.  Germany also formed an alliance with Italy.  This stunned the world. Germany started plans to invade Poland.  Because of the animosity between the two countries, Hitler wanted to destroy it. The British responded by guaranteeing the independence of Poland.   Upon invading Poland, the Allies told Hitler to cease.  He ignored them.  As a result, Britain declared war on Germany.  However, the British did not do anything militarily to help the Polish.  Poland was soon violently defeated.
  • Hitler announced to the world that Poland ceased to exist.  The world was once again stunned.  And the British did nothing.

Notice the pattern on inaction here by the British, French and League of Nations?  Yes, what the Allies were facing with Germany was beyond scary.  No one wants to believe that that kind of evil exists.  Unfortunately, evil people exist.  No one can predict what would have happened if the Allies had been more pro-active, but the lack of action empowered the Germans.  That is definite.  One of the many things we can learn from World War 2 is how inaction on our parts can create a snowball effect on our lives.

Is there any area of your life that suffers from lack of action?  An example from my life:  Ya’ll know I run a busy improv troupe.  It’s tough managing a large group of people with different personalities and goals.  Not to mention maturity!  Every 6 months or so complacency sets in and I have to re-enforce rules. Complacency is such a motivation zapper. It cannot be pushed aside.  If I don’t remind people about their compacency in an effective manner, our audiences are the ones who suffer.  Our team work suffers.  The longer it goes on, the harder it is to restore.

So please, take a look at YOU and see where you can get active.  Don’t let your inaction empower those around you.  It may keep  you from succeeding!  Love, Goddess

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