Damsel in Distress

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Ahhh the poor Damsel in Distress.  (Insert dripping sarcasm here) 

The girl who thinks she needs to play this game to get a guy.  It’s so sad to a strong woman when she sees one of her sisters playing the Damsel in Distress card.  This sort of game playing is degrading to us!  And trust me…it will not keep the right guy with you.  The right guy, the good guy, will grow bored with her always being the victim of something and not being able to handle small tasks on her own.  This sort of thing is draining for a man. It sucks the sexy right out of a woman.

A couple days ago my beautiful best friend Mary Ann and I went out to lunch.  Mary Ann wanted to sit at the bar because there was a very handsome man tending it.  Good call, so we did.  We ordered and this dude gave two beautiful women ZERO in the flirtation department.  In fact after we were done ordering he went clear over the other side of the bar to keep away from us!  We would soon find out why.  We were dangerous.  Because a few moments later in waltzes the girl he liked.  We knew he really liked this girl because the last thing he wanted was her seeing him enjoying two beautiful women at work.  Oh the drama that would cause!  LOL.

Anyway, the girl started the whole Damsel in Distress routine.  And she was bad at it.  Dude already likes her and she is killing it with her games and drama! Instead of enjoying time with the guy who likes her, she focused on her phone.  And all the “weird calls” she was getting from guys she didn’t know.  As if on cue, the phone rings and here is the conversation:

Damsel:  Hello? 5 secs go by  Who is this?  5 secs go by  Why are you calling me? a couple more secs go by  Who is this?  repeat like 5 times.

Seriously?  What woman in her right mind would go on and on like this with weird calls?  Has she ever heard of “do not call” or “call blocking?”

Damsel finally hangs up and discusses situation with the hot bartender who likes her.

The phone rings and it’s the same dude.  Conversation:

Damsel:  Hello? 5 secs go by  Who is this?  5  secs go by  Why are you calling me? a couple more secs  Who is this?  repeat like 5 times.

Yes.  Seriously.  I wish I could make this stuff up but reality is so much better.

Then another call from another guy she didn’t know.

Our hot bartender will do her and then run.  Because this sort of behavior from a girl makes him wonder if her cheese is sliding off the cracker.  But a guy gets horny.  And she has made herself very available.  To her he will be just another ***hole who did her and didn’t call.  She will blame him even though she was playing him.  She played and he played back.  She won’t take responsibility for her actions and wind up miserable and blaming men in general.  A damsel in distress is a weak woman because she doesn’t take responsibility for her actions.  That’s called being real.  The keeper woman is strong and real.  She is 100% herself all the time.  If a guy doesn’t like who she is she will not change or play games to reel him in.

It’s so much less work to be yourself.  The work is becoming yourself.  Then fine tuning YOU and staying all sexy.  Doesn’t that sound like way more fun?  Now go out and play.  For REAL.  Love, Goddess

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