Dating Advice Men and Texting: What’s the Deal?

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Dating advice men and texting:  What’s the deal?

Most of you know how I feel about texting.  I think it has its place.  Quick communication.  I also think it fosters lazy communication.  Especially between the sexes.  The whole flirting by text kinda bores me.  It’s effort, but not much.  It’s safe effort.  I can’t tell you how many “safe flirtations” I have with men.  A few days of sweet texts then nothing.  Just thinking about it bores me.

Texting doesn’t compare to real voices.  Eye contact.  Real conversation.  Real Play.  This texting communication form seems to be staying in our society for the moment.  I really hope people rediscover the more up close and personal conversations.  Until then, because I get so many questions from you about the texting part of the “love game,”  I thought I would take this texting thing a little more seriously.  For us.  Research and learn, hotties.

Here are a few things I got from this past weekend:

1.  Don’t accept last minute text dates from men.  I don’t care if it’s the hot sexy piece of ass you’ve been waiting to ask.  I don’t care if its Ryan Gosling.  Okay…if it’s Ryan, call me.  You’ll need support on that one!  I still don’t want you to do it.  Don’t do it if he calls you either.  Why?  You’re not “last minute plans girl.”  If you want respect from a guy it needs to start before the first date.  Here’s how to handle last minute date texts or calls:

Always be polite, appreciative, tell them you have plans and tell them to have fun.  Example:  “Mmm…what a lovely offer.  I have plans.  Have fun 😉

It’s all truth girls.  I did have plans.  I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was go home, relax and watch a little TV.  This is what I mean by keeping with your groove.  Telling him you have plans serves another purpose.  It lets him know that if he wants to get together with you, you’re busy and he may want to plan ahead.  It also shows him that you won’t break plans just so you can go out with him.  On a funnier note, if he finds out that you would rather be in bed with a remote than him?  That will throw his ego for a loop.  All you’re doing is being honest.  If he’s serious, he’ll have to work a little harder to replace your remote. (sassy smile)

2.  If a guy starts texting and flirting everyday, don’t get your hopes up.  Don’t think you have to answer right away.  Keep moving at your own groove and don’t be at his “text and call.” If he stops texting, no worries.  Another guy will replace him.

3.  Just like anything in the love game, don’t take things too seriously or over think the situation.  Play and have fun.  Don’t take a guys words too seriously.  Action is what will make you sit up and take notice.  Don’t stress out if he texts for a while and then no – communicato.  You’re probably better off.  Get physical to get rid of any dating stress so you stay firmly in control.  Vent to a girlfriend if need be.  Take care of YOU first. 

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