Dating Advice for Women Red Flags

Dating Advice for Women Red Flags
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Make it a cold day in hell before you become vulnerable to these sorts of men!

Dating Advice for Women Red Flags

The first few dates are a great way to “qualify” a man.  Does he meet your dating requirements?  See or review:  YOU choose the Man  This is the stage where you make sure that this man earns the right for you to become more vulnerable to him.  If we become vulnerable to the wrong man…oh the heartache!  We’ve all been there.  We must continually look beyond “how cute he is” and see the real man beneath.  The man beneath who is either really good for us or really bad for us.  Below are a couple huge red flags in dating.  First the flag and then, in italics, the reason you may want to run!

  1. Red Flag #1:   He is a really bad tipper.  There are numerous reasons for this being a red flag in dating.  NUMEROUS.  When I’m out on a date and a man is a bad tipper?  I seriously question his willingness to give.  The waiter/waitress is giving him service.  He does not appreciate what they’re doing for him.  Question that should be going through your mind:  If I give to him will he appreciate it?  
  2. Red Flag #2:  He is rude to service people.  This one really gets me.  Again, people are giving to him and his response is to be rude.  Trust me.  If he can do this to people he doesn’t even know well?  What can he do to you?  Worse yet…  This sort of man is a coward and a bully.  He picks on people when he knows he can get away with it.  RUN from this type of person.
  3. Red Flag #3:  When you ask about his past relationships he disrespects his exes.  Whoa.  So he can do no wrong?  Did he learn anything from them? Question carefully because if he hasn’t learned anything from past relationships YOU will be the next woman he disrespects. 

It’s so important to be aware when you are getting to know someone!  Are you letting your lust rule or your Bitch rule? Who Controls You … Your Bitch or Your Brat?  It doesn’t seem to be a problem when we go out on a date we aren’t that excited about.  But then…make him drop dead gorgeous and add chemistry?  Uh oh…suddenly our Bitch starts to go to sleep, the Drama Queen awakens and does everything she can to screw it up!  Here are examples of how the Drama Queen (in italics) and the Sassy Bitch (in italics) handle those red flags from above:

The Drama Queen:

Man:  Drops $2.00 tip on the table for an $80.00 dinner.  Drama Queen notices how “strong his hands are” and is thinking about how they would feel on her.

Man:  “Hey Waiter!  I asked you for water 10 minutes ago…where the hell is it?”  Drama Queen is enamored by how “forceful” he is.

Man:  Is dissing the women he has dated in the past.  “They just didn’t understand me.”  Drama Queen is saying to herself:  “Oh they didn’t understand you!  Those women are so stupid!  I will understand you!  Always!”

The Sassy Bitch:

Man:  Drops $2.00 tip on the table for an $80.00 dinner.  The Sassy Bitch is annoyed that he’s so cheap.  On the way out she gives the waiter $15.

Man:  “Hey Waiter!  I asked you for water 10 minutes ago…where the hell is it?”  The Sassy Bitch asks the man in an unemotional tone:  “Do you always talk to people giving to you that way?”  Man says something that doesn’t fly.  The Sassy Bitch looks at her watch, thanks him for dinner and tells him she has an early day.  Then leaves.

Man:  Is dissing the women he has dated in the past.  “They just didn’t understand me.”  The Sassy Bitch has already checked out.  She may finish her drink, she may not.  When he is done she says in an unemotional tone:  “Thanks for the drink.  I have an early day tomorrow.  Have a nice night.”  Then leaves.

Notice the trend here?  The Drama Queen is thinking with her lust.  The Sassy Bitch studies, questions and gets to know the man first.  To make sure he is worthy of her precious time and heart.

In conclusion…take care of yourself and what you value in a person from the very first date.  Love, Goddess

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