Dating Tips for Women Concept #1: Signs a Man Wants You to Chase Him

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Today and tomorrow we’re going to discuss 2 dating tips for women concepts.  Before we get to concept #1, check out this post:  Dating Tips for Women:  Let a Man Chase You Here’s How  then meet me back here for the fun.

Dating Tips for Women Concept #1:  Signs that a man wants YOU to chase HIM.  This is “Guy A.”   I love “Guy A” because he’s a text book example for this concept.  He gives me his number, then tells me to call him.   Do I?  Please.  I agree to IM with him and give him my AIM name.  Do I IM him first?  Please.  Finally he IMs me and here is our conversation.  What I am thinking during the conversation is in italics.

Guy A:  What’s good?  Wow…that’s a hot greeting.   No hi, how are you?  FYI:  He’s putting pressure on me to tell him something good to impress him.  Trust me, nothing good is going on with him.  This is the type of guy who puts it all on the woman to please him.

Me:  Blueberry pie and red wine.  This is a set up statement.  So I can call him on his shit.

Him:  Ya got some 4 me?  All about you, isn’t it honey? 

Me:  You’ve got to earn that kind of love from me, Hotstuff.

Him:  What do I do?

Me:  You don’t know how to earn that kind of love from a woman? Don’t waste my time.  If you don’t know, I’m not telling you.

Him:  Where r u?  Notice how the subject is changed.  I called him on his “shit” and he got it.

Me:  Work.

Him:  What do you do for work?

Me:  I run a web site for women that are kick ass.


He didn’t respond quick enough so I logged off.  I was talking with my best friend and had other things to do.  Plus, the whole question grilling thing was not fun for me.  So…how Bitchy was that on a scale of 1-10?  Fairly high.  LOL!  This guy is interested, but I’m not taking him seriously because he has done nothing to make me do so.  This man wants me to chase him.   This is what a “guy” does.  A “MAN” backs up his words with actions.  He does what he says he’s going to do.  He greets you warmly—even in an instant message.

Now that I’ve told you all this, don’t get mad.  Don’t hate this “guy.”  He’s just clueless on how to treat a woman.  No one has properly told him.  Or kicked him in the ass when he’s not being a gentleman.  Isn’t that a bit sad?  This is why I want you to not take the whole dating thing so seriously.  You’re going to meet men who are clueless.  You’re going to meet amazing ones too.  This is a learning experience.   Check your “Brat” at the door and let your “Bitch in the room.”  Who Controls You Your Bitch or Your Brat? 

Got it?  If you have any questions, please let me know!  Get ready for tomorrow’s discussion:  Dating Tips for Women Concept #2:  A Man Says What He Means!  Love, Goddess

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3 thoughts on “Dating Tips for Women Concept #1: Signs a Man Wants You to Chase Him

  1. haha how true. All the men that expect women to chase them are sad individuals and should be ousted as such. I once ‘dated’ (if you can even call it that) a man who used to kiss me at events we attended as mutual friends but never ask me for my number to do things outside of the group, was just very lazy about it and was not showing he was up for the chase. As the saying goes: “don’t get mad, get even.” So I accepted another guy’s more proactive responses to courting me in the proper gentlemanly way, and this one turned out to be a real gem! The other guy seemed genuinely surprised that his lazy charms weren’t enough to make me stick around. Live and learn, eh? 🙂

  2. I think I’m having the same problem with a guy I like… he’s a little younger than me like 22/23…i’m 24 and sometimes he acts like a highschool boy and clueless…the thing is I’m pretty clueless myself and it feels like this is going nowhere…he’s so slow to act…so when it makes me feel like he doesn’t like me…and we’ll just stop talking for awhile. Then we’ll meet up (we have a lot of the same friends/ circle) and the chemistry will we very hott and I just know he’s interested…but we’ll both get busy and things just fizzy out. I don’t want to chase any guy…and I’m not sure if I even want to be serious with him. It’s more like I he seems nice and we have chemsitry why not hangout more and get to know each other…but the timing feels off and honestly I think we’re both young and stupid Lol…ah, what to do? Should I just give up and let it be? Or well, I really don’t know. P.S I never had a serious relationship…even though I’m 24 ><…and no I don't have self-esteem issues. And yes, I enjoy my life and love myself…just haven't met too many guys that made me want to really Be-be with them. I really love any advice you could give me. Thank you!!

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