Dealing With a Demanding Man

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Dealing with a demanding man.

The first question is why?  So you know how.  So when you meet a man who looks at you and you feel it in your whole body, you can get a grip and deal with him when he’s being rude.  So you’re grounded in how you want to be treated.  With respect.

I went out on a date on Friday night.  He was a gentleman.  But he’s demanding.  We joked about it.  But I will not be demanded.  There’s a fine line between being demanding and rude.  He crossed the line the next day.  Here’s how I dealt with him.  What I’m thinking is in italics.

I turn on my phone Saturday morning and there is a text from him.  It says:  You don’t answer your phone.

I just rolled my eyes at the text.

He also left a voice mail message:  “Pick up your phone!”

Another eye roll.  I proceed to go to my computer and send him the following email:

I got your voice mail this morning.  No “hi,” no “how are you,” just a “pick up your phone.”  Do you think that is going to fly with me?

Notice how blunt I am regarding his rudeness.  Being blunt is how men talk.  I don’t sugar coat, I don’t weaken my point by adding a cute smiley face.  His rudeness was not cute.  I send the email and start laughing.  I think it’s funny.   I’m amusing myself with the love game.

His response (within moments):


hi how are you?

Notice how he does not say he’s sorry.  He shows he was wrong by doing what I asked him to do.  That’s why I want you to really watch a man’s actions.  Words are cheap.   This is winning, girlfriends, bitches.  This is not the time to gloat, or be a brat to him.  You won.  Now you can be feminine and nice.  This is important because it will show him that if he wants nice accommodating you, there are rules.   He wants access he’s got to play by your rules.  This separates the “guys” from the “men.”  And you have got to do this when you first meet.  On the first date, encounter, whatever.   Keep grounded in your dating rules, honey.  They’ll save you a lot of grief.   For more:  Dating Rules Schmules

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Now read the above article, do the homework in my book and play, play, play!  Love and a big sassy hug, Goddess

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15 thoughts on “Dealing With a Demanding Man

  1. I love your website & articles! Here’s my story regarding demanding guys. It’s long!

    Story of the Alpha Buffoon I met online recently.

    I met a very attractive guy on an online dating sight. Judging by his profile, he seemed like a nice guy, as he described himself as a gentleman along with some other positive attributes in spite of pics of him smirking in all them. I thought “Hmm, he seems nice and he is good looking. I sent him an innocent but flirt message, and he responded. After exchanging a few messages, he gave me his # so I could text him. No problem. I texted him and kept our conversation brief, as it was late, and I was tired. He works nights as a police officer. He ended the conversation with a “good night” and “let’s get together soon” to which I replied “Right on.” About 5 mins later, he texted me to let me know if I couldn’t sleep, he was available all night. I thought I told him I was tired and I was going to sleep, but I chalked it off to he likes me, and he must have enjoyed the conversation, etc. The next day, I received a text from him. Here is our our conversation (what I was thinking or what I really wanted to say to him, but didn’t are in parentheses):

    Him: “Hey” (I was busy all day, and just saw his text about 2 hrs later)
    Me: “Hi”
    Him: ” Where have you been all day, brat?” (Oh, so I’m a brat? Why are you calling me that for? Umm, I was what do they call it, busy? I was busy!)
    Me: “I’ve been busy, what’s up?”
    Him: “What are you doing tonite? I want to see you. Want to meet me for coffee tonite before I head to work?” (No, because you didn’t wait for my answer).
    Me: “I’d love to, but I have plans tonite. How about a raincheck?” (I have plans).
    Him: He sends me a slideshow of pics of him via mms, and the caption says “Don’t be scared little girl.” (Nice pics but WTF? Who are you calling little girl? Can you say CREEPY?)
    Me: “Looks are one thing, but are you the whole package? Are you a gentleman? Can you be a nice boy?” (I’m testing you. If you pass, I might forgive your creepy comment).
    Him: “If you read my profile instead of just looking at my pics, you wouldn’t have to ask.” (Dude, I was joking. You can’t take a joke?)
    Him: “Either you want to cancel our date tonite, or you want to meet me for coffee.” (Why are you being pushy with me, after I told you I had other plans?)
    Him: “I do what I want. Where I want. How I want. I’m not a tool like those other douchebags in Tampa! Keep it real.” (Oh yeah, that’s right- this must be the part in your profile where you say how blunt with a “hint of edge” you are. Why don’t you just come out & say you’re a cocky tool who can’t take jokes from women? The only one not “keeping it real” is you. Saying one thing in about yourself in a profile and doing a 180 opposite isn’t “keeping it real”)
    Me: Wow, this isn’t going well, is it? Deuces…(Screw off! Peace out)

    It only took me 15 mins to find out what a tool this guy is. He was disrespectful if me and my time.

  2. Mmmmmm……Kaya. I am beaming with pride. LOVE IT!
    You’re being polite and taking no crap from him. FYI: if you ever get “creepy pics” from a guy again, don’t think
    you have to reply to that. Deleting them and ignoring a guy like that is perfectly acceptable.
    I am so proud of how you handled this guy! Doubly proud that your part of our Bitch Rebellion xoxo Goddess

  3. i agree that words R cheap—men dont really take words seriously–its actions that count w them—in my old age i’m adopting my dad’s attitude—apologies R just words—an ounce of genuine change is worth a ton of apology

  4. There is a difference in romantic and career. Your Boss is directing you because your job requires certain tasks from you. A date or potential boyfriend is seeing how much he can get away with. In this case, anyway. Love, Goddess

  5. Women who ultimately end up with this man do so because they become blinded in their desire to make the world a better place but all they do is end up with a self-centered prick who will play games, cheat on them, use them to show off to their mates and she will think feel better about herself because she is helping someone who she sees is in need and helpless.

  6. Why have a man for? Men and boys are not that important really or vice versa get studies and career done first there is always time for the opposite sex.

  7. Hi Barrett,
    Yes focusing on what you love and want is the way to go. But if you happen to meet an amazing man who adores you, likes to make you smile and is fun? Sign me up! xoxo Goddess

  8. I love how you wrote “sorry doesn’t mean anything after a while.” Because if “sorry” isn’t backed up with action NOT to do whatever someone is sorry for “sorry” is insincere. Thank you Miss Fi Fi! Love, Goddess

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