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man not ready to date

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The man not ready to date.  On our Bitch Lifestyle Facebook page I’ve been sharing obnoxious lines from men I’ve been meeting.  How to deal with them exactly.  But what happens when you meet a man who wants to date you but is doing everything wrong?  He’s not being a jerk, merely clueless.

Below is an email I sent to ****.  His generosity and eagerness to please women has made him easy prey for bad women to take advantage of.  A good man who has been hurt.  Because of this hurt, good women are missing out on him.  A good woman will be honest and try her best to leave him better than when she found him.  So the next woman can benefit.  You know all those great men that everyone wants?  The ones that treat you with respect?  They’ve had good women all over them.  A Mom, Sister or Ex-Girlfriend who treated him kindly and kicked him in the butt when he needed it.  So for us to get these men, it starts with us knowing who to blow off, and who to try and leave better.

Good Morning   ****,

I think you’re a warm man with lots of love to give to a woman. I also think that you need to step back and look at your approach with women.

I want to give you my feed back and thoughts as to why I feel that dating you is not going to work for me personally.

I think you’re a good man and this is why I feel that my feed back will be able to help you understand more for the next woman you are trying to pursue.

I thought about our first conversation and you told me that awful dating experience you had. It’s horrible that woman put you through the ringer, however, the 45 minute conversation was way too much about her. It also gave me the sign as to why you were so anxious about dating and it told me that you may not be ready to date. Then we had our second conversation, the one where you were busy in the “bathroom.” I appreciate that you wanted to talk to me, even though you were “busy.”

****, do you think talking to a woman you might want to date in the bathroom is romantic? I have a good sense of humor, so I was able to laugh at it with you, but in the future the women you want to date are going to be really turned off. Instead, if you are in the bathroom, don’t pick up the phone and let it go to voice mail.

It sounds like you have a wonderful sister and Mom who would love to see you happy. Maybe you could use them as a resource on what woman like?

I wish you nothing but love and success.

I’m hoping pointing him in the direction of two strong women in his life will help him.  Try to remember this the next time a man is pursuing you and he’s turning you off.  If he isn’t the jerk we’ve been discussing on Facebook, he may have been deeply hurt, rusty on romance, or not had a good woman as a role model.   Yes that’s right, Bitches.  Men have been hurt too.  And used.  I’m asking you to be firm yet show compassion for him.  Wouldn’t you want the same respect?

Each day as this web site grows, we have the opportunity to take a step forward in better communication between men and women.  By practicing kicking jerks in the butt and showing compassion to the men that deserve it, both sexes will win.  So review How to Make a Man Chase You and  Here’s How   and How Not  to Be Late Night Booty Call Girl  so you know who to kick in the butt or who to show compassion to!  Love, Goddess

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