Dell Williams A Sexual Pioneer for Women

“I’m a tiny person with a big mouth.”  Dell Williams Founder of Eve’s Garden 

Dell Williams is one of my heros.   Talk about breaking barriers!  Her success is based on huge amounts of courage, tenacity and intellectual curiosity.

1.  She worked as an actress for years and then enlisted in the army in 1945.  Because she was an actress, she was assigned to work with an Entertainment Officer.  He gave her the arduous duty of moving around a piano.  After a week of performing this duty,  she marched up to the major’s office and told him: ‘Look, I don’t mind about having to move the piano, but those two singers just aren’t good enough to entertain our troops.  These men have already been wounded enough.  I told him what he ought to do was to call upon some of the members of the company who had real experience in show business-there were enough of us to pull together a really bang-up revue. ‘  She was transferred out of that office. (snicker)  Eventually she  produced and performed in a daily radio show and “bang-up revues” overseas for the soldiers.

2.  She wanted to be an accountant.  She was told “women couldn’t be accountants.”  She became hugely successful in one of the biggest accounting firms in New York City.

3.  She took a class on sexuality taught by actress Betty Dodson.  After class, she decided to go out and buy her own “Magic Wand.”  She went to Macy’s and the sales boy asked her nosy questions.  From the book:  ” I left Macy’s that day, clutching my precious, anonymous brown shopping bag and thinking: someone really ought to open up a store where women can buy one of these things without some kid asking her what she’s going to do with it.”

So she created Eve’s Garden in her kitchen.  It has evolved into a wonderful educational store where women can explore every facet of their sensuality.  I recently visited her store in New York City and loved it!  There are all sorts of toys (wink) and a wonderful reading room full of books and information.  I had a ball exploring.  Click here to go to Eve’s Garden

How did I learn about my hero, Dell?  I was taking a class in New York City for women.  So was Dell.  The subject of women’s sexuality came up.  Dell stood and said, “We have to love our asses!”  She is so right.  Her feisty passion for women and building our strength awe inspiring.  She was relieved to be in a room with women who could carry on her mission. She was no longer one of the fighting few.  She knew her mission and passion for us owning our sensuality would continue to move on, even after she was gone.  The weight of her mission and relief that it would continue was evident in her body.  It was a poignant moment I’ll never forget.

In her biography, ” Revolution in the Garden” Dell writes this on her Dedication page:

It has long been my unassailable belief that orgasmic women can change the world.  By this I mean that a woman who is unfettered sexually is unfettered politically, socially, economically and she is unstoppable.  I dedicate this book to all of us who are in the process of rediscovering our sexual, essential, unstoppable selves.

I’m dedicating the “Sensuality” portion of this blog to her.   To a woman who is courageous, tenacious and believes that life long curiosity and willingness to learn can help keep your mind, body and spirit youthful.  To a woman who has endured personal attacks and picketing so women could have a place to go and educate themselves about their sexuality.  I’ve put a link in the Bitch Boutique for her autobiography “Revolution in the Garden.”  To quote Dell: ‘ How a nice Jewish Girl from the Bronx ended up owning a sex toy store.’   Thank you Dell for all you have done for women’s sensuality!  Huge hug and orgasmic kiss! Love, Goddess

****Enjoy the other videos and information on Dell’s Website Eve’s Garden

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