Does this Anger You?

Gorgeous image of Marilyn Monroe and quote from Guilty or Not

Does this quote anger you?  If so, you under-estimate your power as a woman.  This can be fixed when you love every drop of gorgeous you.  Women have the upper hand with men.  It’s time to own it. We are their weakness.  They just don’t want us to know that.  (Sassy Smile)  For more inspiration:

“As a matter of fact, women have an advantage in business. Men are so secure in their belief that they are supreme in business that they are often caught napping by alert women. Man thinks he’s dealing with an inferior brain when it comes to woman, and that makes him a sucker. Furthermore, women have a highly developed sense of intuition that’s just as valuable as hardheaded logic.”  Carole Lombard

A couple of notes about the above quote.  Things are much different today than in Caroles’ time.  I think most men respect women in business now.  If men don’t respect women in business it can be worked against them — if a woman gets the male ego. (sly smile)  If not…why would you want to work with the arrogant you know what?

“You’ll find that men usually play fair.  It’s all very well to say that you want to back out of a bargain because you’ve changed your mind. That’s supposed to be a woman’s privilege. But men don’t play the game that way. A man who says he’ll do a thing and then reneges, is soon put where he belongs, out in the cold. ”  Carole Lombard


“If I say I’ll do something, I make it stick.”  Carole Lombard 

Your word is everything!  Carole prided herself on her word.  Don’t promise something and then don’t produce.  It will make people wonder if you’re dependable or not.  This sort of lackadaisical attitude is rampant in our lives today.  Examples:

  1. The friend that says that they are coming to your party and then cancels at the last-minute.  Because they got a more attractive offer, perhaps?  This is not cool in most circumstances.
  2. People who don’t confirm reservations at restaurants or events.  This not only affects potential profits at a restaurant but keeps other people from enjoying the table or event!
  3. You invite people to do something and they never follow-up.  These are the people who usually get mad when you stop inviting them to things.
  4. Following up is one of the worst sins in manners today.  If someone is kind enough to invite you to something, be kind enough to respond.  Unless it’s your 100th Facebook invite from someone you barely know.
  5. Someone says they will be there and then completely blows you off.
  6. You invite people to an event on Facebook and they reply back with a “Maybe.”  This is blowing you off.  Everyone knows it so just say “no.”  Really lame.  Just be honest.
  7. Little white lies…mulitplied over the days, weeks, months, lead to laziness in the being honest department.  It becomes easier to lie than to tell the truth.  Think about that one.

And those are just a few of the ways people don’t respect others and how important their word is today.

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be  their option.” Mark Twain

The less crap we tolerate from people, the more empowered we will all be.  The “Crap Dragons” will have to play by our rules.  Or hang out with other Crap Dragons.  Or get off the Crap Wagon.  I know…bad metaphor.  I’m in kind of a feisty mood today.  Can you tell?  Love, Goddess

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2 thoughts on “Does this Anger You?

  1. PREACH, Sister Goddess! I am in complete agreement with you!

    Many folks will get in a tizzy over My comment and those who seek to make themselves “victims” will be used as examples in My Doctoral Dissertation:

    The rampant lack of social ETIQUETTE is directly due to the decline in quality of MOTHERING. When did, and why do, females today suddenly turn into the enemy-of-Womanhood when they spawn? NOTE: I said “spawn” to indicate the lack of attention to their children’s development to BE valuable contributors to society as a Whole. Example: smothering-mothering; attachment parenting – get a life and let your child DEVELOP into a functional human instead of a narcissistic sociopath!

    Women ARE the creators and maintainers of societies from the beginning of Our existence (whatever your belief system is). We give birth to ALL; We feed & nurture ALL; and We ARE responsible for the quality of what We produce and support. Since NO ONE can exist without Us, it IS Our responsibility to CREATE the world that We want to live in and to support other women in this process – instead of putting the focus on being jealous of what size dress a woman wears.

    When society revered achievement over examples of who has the worst behavior that one can be judgmental about while ignoring one’s own life (e.g., reality shows like “Real Housewives”) people showed respect for others because people respected themselves. Today’s focus of veneration and adulation is now on people who lack not only self-respect, but who are reprehensible in EVERY way ON CAMERA FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. And people watch these shows with their children…

    With today’s information-superhighways and the ease of which one can access any type of information, Women, especially, have to work extra hard against the “usual assaults on Womanhood.” (NOTE: This is why I’m always telling people to use the internet for something other than looking up porn and to read for pointers on social skill! In fact has wonderful parenting resources.)

    So, for all those who will insist on playing the victim-i’m-offended-game: NO, your little precious monster is NOT fabulous to anyone other than you (and maybe the other deluded folks in YOUR family). “Its” lack of manners, consideration, and education IS your fault – tell your friends, families & neighbors that it’s their faults, too. The REAL world is NOT going to suffer your children and it WILL be your fault that they are unprepared to handle their lives.

    If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

    As an empowered and powerful Woman, I will not tolerate the behaviors fostered by failures at parenting. Nor will I prevent their consequences…

    I’m a member of Team Crap-Dragon Slayers.

  2. The Fab and ohhhhh so Sassy Mistress Didi has spoken…welcome to Team Crap Dragon Slayers. 😉 Love, Goddess

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