Dolly’s Parton’s Marriage and Life Secrets!


Our Dolly handling rude questions with grace and humor.

I love Dolly Parton.  She’s sassy, slightly naughty, smart, witty and wise.  When asked the secret of her long marriage Dolly says: “When my husband gets a little complacent, I pack my bags and stay gone!”  LOVE IT!  Girl knows her power over men.  Other reasons to be inspired by this amazing woman:

1.  She has a fantastic sense of humor.  Even when others put her down.  See #4.

2.  Dolly is courageous.  She’s a  hugely successful Country Music star and takes zero crap from anyone.  Including Elvis Presley’s manager, “Colonel” Tom Parker.  Elvis wanted to sing one of the songs she wrote.   It was a dream of Dolly’s to have Elvis sing one of her songs and she was thrilled.  Elvis’ manager told her the price:  Give up half the rights to her song.   She said no.  For more about this decision regarding “I  Will Always Love You,” visit

3.  Dolly has a brilliant business mind.  “Dollywood” provides jobs and security for the people where she grew up: The Great Smoky Mountains.

4.  One my favorite things Dolly says is: ” This is who I am, take it or leave it.”   She loves being “Backwoods Barbie.”  And I love her for just being her.  Check out this interview with Barbara Walters.  Dolly handles some really condescending questions from Walters with wit, humor and grace.  This is how “The Bitch” deals with people who put her down.  Learn to deal with people in this manner.   You’ll make the jerk giving you a hard time look bad.  Really bad.   Click on the video above for your lesson.

Thank you Dolly for being  an inspiration here at Bitch Lifestyle.  I hereby crown you Queen Bitch of the Backwoods!  Love and a huge hug, Goddess

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