Don’t Do This to a Man!

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What you want to do isn’t necessarily what you should.  Awesome Anne Taintor from Post Crossing

Don’t do this to a man.

Just don’t.

Read on for the what and why.  

I threw a 50th birthday party for my brother a few week ago.  A surprise wine tasting party that was a success and my brother and myself got pretty lit.  My best-friend (Thank you!) drove us home.  The next day my best friend and I get up to go pick up my brother to go out to breakfast.  We get in my car and it’s completely dead.  My best-friend thought the head lights went off automatically and accidentally left them on all night.  So I said to her…can you drive?  She said yes and then I said:

“Don’t tell him about having to jump start my car until after breakfast.”

She asked why.

I said…

“He will want to focus on eating.  When he’s done he’ll be ready to deal.”

She agreed and off we went.  We had breakfast and my bother fixed the problem immediately after.

So in conclusion:

Don’t do this to a man:  Ask him to do something if he is hungry (especially when hungover!).

The why:  A man who is hungry is focused on one thing.  Eating.  Let him enjoy his meal.  In most cases (unless of course an emergency) this is a win win.  He gets to eat and the problem will be fixed.  Remember the old saying “The way to a mans’ heart is through his stomach?” Not much has changed with this.  Except we eat out more now than 20 years ago!

When I discussed this with my brother a few days later, he was happy that I let him eat.  He loved it and thanked me.  The only thing he would have liked was to relax for a few minutes after eating before jumping my car.  Which was cool.  I mean, he had a big night, was exhausted, it was Sunday and he needed to decompress.  All totally understandable.

This is a big thing for a man.  It may not seem like much to us…but…we should just try understand this is how they roll.  Men are wonderfully NOT complex.  Appreciate the fact that when a man is hungry…let him eat.  That cranky dude will be fine and ready to assist you when he’s fed.   When we do this they will do the same for us.  (Unless of course he or she is a taker) Being in any sort of a relationship is give and take.  Curious Curiosity:  How about it men?  Why is this important to you?  I would love to hear your feed back.  Understanding, appreciation and learning more going out to everyone!

Important ironic huge PS:  Right after I finished writing and editing this post I had to go over to my Mom and Dads’ home.  They were away and I had to let in the Plummer to fix their sink.  I let him in and showed him the button to close the garage door.  Our conversation and what I’m thinking in italics:

Me:  Thanks … if you need anything call.

Plummer: (With a concerned look on his face) Uhhh…I didn’t realize it was so close to lunch time…

Me: Oh…   Seriously?  Now you’re worried about my leaving because you won’t be able to get back in if you want to go to lunch?  I don’t want to hang out while this dude goes to get lunch!  I’ll try the confused look reaction.  This works in a lot of these situations because the man will, even when hungry, realize that there is a problem and try to solve it.  In this case:  How do I solve my lunch problem without pissing off the girl customer in front of me.

Me:  (confused look)

Plummer:  Uhhhh…let me see how long this will take.

I follow him about the kitchen as he takes inventory and he realizes it won’t take long.  Good.  I can leave!  The timing on this was pretty funny to me so I hope it amused you too.  I wish you could have seen the look on the Plummers’ face when he realized it was so close to lunch time! (Insert amused chuckle face here)  Another example how a little patience and understanding will help things work out.  A guy’s stomach is a big thing.  Respect it and he will respect you.

Love, Goddess

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