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Never doubt yourself.  Except maybe sometimes.  Shannon Wheeler

I hate doubt. 

I made the right decision.  I know I’ve made the right decision.  Things are running brilliantly.  Then for some reason, I start to doubt my decision.  Then I start to waffle.  Then I start to worry.  Then I start to hate myself for doubting, waffling and worrying.  I’m starting to feel Drama Queen taunting and tempting me.  Then she apprears:  The Brat shaking her baby rattle.

Yes, I get it too.  The Bitch Goddess gets doubt.  Last night I got huge doubt over something.  What is my problem?  I’ve been mulling over it the past few hours.  Not mulling.  I need a stronger word.  Stewing.

I hate stewing.

So now I have to take my own advice and I hate that because I really just want to stew, doubt and hate myself.   I haven’t had a day off in weeks and I’m going on vacation soon.  So really, I shouldn’t take the day off.  I’d feel guilty.

I hate feeling guilty. 

See how my Bratty Little Mind works?

LOL…Okay. Does anyone else do this?  Anyone laughing with me?  This sort of activity in your mind does absolutely nothing for you.  It’s a complete waste of time.  For the most part.  Unless of course you want to go full out and celebrate it: Celebrate if you want but remember, Bitch likes action. Tomorrow I’m going to take care of myself a bit better. Are you?  I’m going to play with the idea of taking a day off.  Maybe.  😉  I may give myself a pedicure or a manicure.  Or work out before I do both.  I’ll ask a special someone to tickle me.  Push the brat out by way of laughter.  And it will feel sooooo good. 

So here’s your assignment today at Bitch University.  The time you notice yourself having the above dialogue, get yourself tickled.  As soon as possible!  A good tickle works best for me, but give yourself a fun little assignment and find out what works for YOU.

Love, Bratty Goddess

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  1. ok get tickled as soon as possible then that would lead to flirting….I see what you mean that’s SO brilliant!
    Thank you it was such a great suggestion!

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