Drama Queen Week Determination!

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Drama Queen Week.  You did it.  A week of relishing in your little brat-Drama Queen.

How was it?  Did you giggle once in a while?  Or did you roll your eyes and say no way.  I especially love the people who rolled their eyes at this concept.  You’re one tough cookie.  And you may just require a little more seduction into it.  And I’m up to the challenge.  😉

As the last day of Drama Queen week arrives, first step:  Make a list of all the things that drive you into a Drama Queen snit.  Give it a fun name like:  “My Drama Queen Loves it When”:

1.  Your career-roadblocks to success that you must deal with daily.

2.  There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to do everything you want to.

3.  Your relationship, or lack there of.

4.  Dealing with others in your life who are Drama Queens.

5.  All the ways society tells you you are not perfect.  Or how to be perfect.  And sick things on TV:  Douche commercials.  (Those make my blood boil) or shamefully degrading to women TV shows like Bridalplasty.

Well you’re perfect.  It’s pesky Drama Queen who’s telling you you’re not.  She has you getting pissed at the noise all around you.  Choose now to stay grounded in perfect you.  To hear the valuable, strong Bitch voice underneath it all.

Second step:  Next to your My Drama Queen Loves it List, create solutions and actions to ease Drama Queens delight:  “My Strong Sexy Bitch in Action.”   Then list creative ideas to squash the Drama Queen sludge.  Example:   My Drama Queen Love it When:  The News is depressing!  Solution:  My Strong Sexy Bitch turns it off and does something fun or productive.

So in conclusion, if you take care of Drama Queen, she will help you take care of you:

1.  Don’t push that Drama Queen Brat away…do the exercises in:   http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/01/so-you-had-a-bad-day/ Or kick box her out, or whatever you create to get rid of that whiney butt of hers.

2.  Keep at it.  You may have years of this sludge keeping you down.  This is a life style change.  Going from Drama Queen to Strong Bitch.  And you must commit to sludge removal.  😉

3.  Learn from her.

Suddenly the dark, stormy clouds will dissipate.  (Dramatic sigh replaced with a relaxed sigh)  And you will start seeing the Bitch.  The Bitch will help you communicate clearer because she’s not constrained by Drama Queens, tears, anger and frustration.  The Bitch will keep you grounded in your passions and what keeps you a strong and vital woman.  Things that piss you off will just get a roll of your eyes.  If that.  Drama Queens will fall out of your life and be replaced by people as strong and confident as you.  Like attracts like.  Life will still have its up and downs, but you will discover loving arms to keep you steady.

And best of all…the moment will come where you feel bad about something.  Instantly you’ll know it’s because Drama Queen crept in to mess it up.  You may laugh or smile.  Then you’ll say to yourself:  Take a hike, Drama Queen.  You’re not messing this up.


Picture from Christian.Legnitto 

 You-determined and ready to take on the world. With a huge influx of adorable!

Love, Goddess

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  1. Sludge removal…is a BITCH! But you’re right once removed Life is so much better. It’s like going to the gym, who the heck wants to go? NO One but we do so we must sludge remove, its the same thing.

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