Easy Ways to Add Bliss and Adventure to Your Life!

Take a moment for you.  Or three, four, or a whole hour.  How about really going for it and taking a DAY?  It sounds so amazing, doesn’t it?  Then that little thing called “guilt” takes over.  My goal is to spread fun and play throughout the world.  And yes, I still feel guilty about taking time for fun.  I have so many responsibilities and goals I want to accomplish.  I’m getting much better, but guilt still happens. 

Darn guilt.  We eagerly anticipate the fun awaiting on the weekend:  parties, relaxing, laughter and play.  We long for our vacation.  The bliss of getting away from it all and the discovery of new adventures.  But what about all the moments in between?  Can we really bring this sort of excitement to each and every day without guilt?  Absolutely! 

It starts with that glorious mind of yours.  Your creative imagination.  So…would you like to take a trip with me?

1.  Pick a country—we’re going tonight.  We’ll pick Greece as an example.  Pick up some Greek cuisine on the way home.  Or make a feast of Greek Salad, hummus and pita bread.   When you get home find some Greek music on the Internet.  We’ll make a pic nic in the living room.   If we have the energy to dance later…yes!

2.  Have an all out spa experience.  Do a tough work out.  Get out the days’ frustrations.  Turn off the cell, computer and unplug anything that may interrupt you.  When you’re done, light candles and bathe leisurely. Give yourself a facial, manicure and pedicure.  Apply your absolute favorite body lotion slowly on your body.  Spritz yourself with your favorite perfume and go to bed.

3.  Have a movie marathon.  Again, unplug or turn off any device that could interrupt you.  Get your favorite things to eat and drink together and bliss out.  Or you could make it a fun theme.  French foreign film:  wine and brie.  American film: popcorn, soda…you get the idea!

4.  It’s fall and it’s a wonderful time to hike in the woods, hills or mountain top.  Bring a pic nic.  Savor the experience.

5.  Speaking of savoring…here’s a good one.  Savor a meal like the French do.  No TV, no radio, no distraction.  Savor the aroma, color, texture by indulging slowly.

6.  Give yourself a mini-make over at Sephora or Ulta.  Savor all those make-up kits with the big price tags without the investment!  Blow yourself a kiss in a mirror when you’re done.

7.  Make a list of all the adventures and experiences you would like to have.  Big and small.  Do one a week.

This is the tip of your “Ways to Add Bliss and Adventure to Your Life”  iceberg.  Let that beautiful imagination run wild.  With absolutely no guilt.  And please share.  I’m always up for a new adventure!

With love, laughter and play, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies


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