Educate the Clueless?

You—the Sassy Bitch Goddess…ready to give from your pleasure trove.  Gorgeous image from  Seven Ponds.   Visit them for more!

Being a Sassy Bitch is exhausting.  We handle so much with such efficiency and humor that the Universe keeps throwing us more.  More opportunities, adventures and passions to explore and squeeze into our already busy lives.  But there is ONE thing.  And it’s not a little thing.  It’s a huge big deal that we must deal with.  So not only we can go higher and grow as a person, but so that we can bring along the people around us.  Bring them to our sassy, fun and fulfilled party.  By doing this ONE thing we can be even happier and more fulfilled.  What is this one thing?

We need to educate the clueless.

Has your jaw dropped?  Are you slightly over-whelmed with the mere thought of educating clueless people so they can come to our party?  This is one of the many reasons why our Sassy Bitch wants to nap!  LOL. We have such responsibility as Hot Sexy Goddess Bitches.  Because we have done so much work on being self-aware.  Because we have learned how to communicate what makes us light up.  Because we have learned how to communicate what will make us shut down.  Because we have practiced patience and politeness with the most obnoxious of people.   It is exhausting and now we have to educate the clueless?

Absolutely.  Our pleasure and fulfillment depends on it.

So does theirs.

It’s why you must take better care of yourself than ever.  When you are sated with pleasure, love, fun and fulfillment you can give from that wonderful surplus.  And when you give to these hapless, clueless people, when they “see the light” that you share with them?  You both win.  Bonus:  Forever gratitude from these newly enlightened souls.

Example from my life:  I have a group of people in my life that need a kick in the *** regarding their behavior.  The teamwork they are exhibiting is poor.  And it’s clueless poor because they are easily distracted.  So now I need to patiently teach them how to give of themselves for the greater good.  In a fun yet bottom line way.  And it won’t be a one time thing. They will need to be reminded. The clueless people of the world really need time and patience AND it’s best to change it up with each new reminder.

You’re not painting a pretty picture, Goddess.  I hear you.  But let me be blunt.  If we don’t educate the clueless they will stay that way.  Frustrating us over time.  Not serving us in our goals, desires, passions.  This is love, Goddesses!  By sharing from our loving surplus we will become more gratified and we will be able to receive even more from the Universe.  Our confidence will soar.  Our social networks will expand, our friendships will grow and our trust in those around us will deepen.  The more people wake up from the “clueless coma” the better off everyone is.  Us, them and party central…Earth.

So take a deep breath and up the ante on your path to pure Sassy Bitch Goddess.  Educate the clueless!  Love, Goddess

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