Enthusiasm and the Gorgeous Bert Kreischer

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Video of Bert Kreischer bringing much-needed fun to random couples in his new show “Trip Flip.”  http://www.travelchannel.com/video/ocean-adventures-in-the-keys 

I was listening to a radio interview this morning over morning coffee.   The interviewee was a man I’d never heard of.  A host on The Travel Channel named Bert Kreischer.  I instantly fell in love.  What turned me on?  His enthusiasm and zest for life.  How unbelievably grateful he was for all he had and what he attributed his success to.  Here it is:

“I don’t say no a lot.  If it sounds like a good time I’ll do it.”  Bert Kreischer

If you heard his initial background you would be like…oh…that so fits.   Bert Kreischers’ claim to fame in college was being featured as Rolling Stones’ “top partier” in the US from Florida State University.  It took him some time to earn this title too.  He didn’t earn it until his 6th YEAR of college.  In the interview he said that all he did was party.  There is even a YouTube of him getting his butt waxed.  His parents, understandably concerned.

What do I think he owes his success to?  His utter zest for life and eagerness to be playful and fun.  I’m sure he oodles charisma.  If I can fall in love with him on the radio in a couple short minutes?  I’m sure in person he is someone who you just want to be around.  He met Will Smith this way!  Think about those people you just love being around.  They have an infectious energy.  And to top it all off?  He has a lovely self-effacing humor.  That’s when you can make fun of yourself in the most charming way.  Bert talked about how his Dad would lecture him about how to be successful and a few years later he is riding around Italy in a Ferrari!  He gets the irony and he knows that the main reason why he is successful is LUCK.

And that sparkling fun enthusiastic about life personality.  Which led him to hosting Travel programs that send him all over the world…to have fun.

Man…I’m jealous!  I want us to have this kind of fun!  Is is possible?  Hell yeah!  I think my life is pretty damn fun.  I love helping people with Bitch Lifestyle.  In the next few days I have an improv show…one of my absolute passions.  I have lots of plans with friends and a fun trip planned to NYC.  So how fun do you think you are?  Do you own your sense of fun whatever that is?  It may not be on the scale of Berts’, but whatever it is that makes you ooze with fun, playful enthusiasm is worth putting at the top of the list!  What will happen if you, like Bert say “YES!” to anything that sounds like a good time? Hmmmmm…open yourself to the YES!

Love, Goddess

Steps to take that will help you ooze with fun and enthusiasm!

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