Exactly How Do You Deal With an Enemy?

They are there…just don’t forget they are there. Fab image from Enemies Posts on Pinterest


Exactly how do you deal with an enemy?  How do you deal with a person out to get you…so they go away?  Is it a challenge?  Yes.  A little bit.  But if you approach this as a fun, confident, Sassy Bitch…you already have the tools and knowledge to do so.  What are they you ask?  Let’s discuss:

  1. Respect.  This is the most important thing.  It’s a game changer.  And guess what…most  of us don’t understand the power of respecting an enemy.  Including enemies.  Most enemies want to put you off guard so they have a better chance of being successful.  Especially the smart enemies.  They have thought about how they can get to you.  You gain the upper hand by giving them the same respect.  In most cases this will catch them completely off guard.  So be polite and helpful to them in an unemotional, very unexpected way.
  2. Understand.  As I stated above, it’s important to understand those out to get you.  If you must.  If you must interact with that person (like at work) it’s best to know what makes them tick so you are ready to take care of yourself if need be.  I’m not talking socializing with them like a friend!  I’m talking really listening to them, watching their reactions to things and watching how those around them react.
  3. Charm.  Whatever your encounter with them…charm.  Be polite, charming and never…as the saying goes…”never let them see you sweat.”

Do you feel the power in those choices?  You should!  I know it can be scary…but it’s a fact of life. Not everyone is going to be nice.  Not everyone is going to want to help you.  It’s just reality and truth, Sassy Bitches.  So you must must must learn how to deal with those that will diss you, try to hurt and or humiliate you.  You must become self aware not only about yourself, but to those around you.  Observe, notice and react…from a strong and powerful position like the 3 points above.  Here is  another article about how a very sassy and savvy Bitch dealt with an enemy…read Love Games:  An Outrageous Proposal.  Love, Goddess

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