Fabulous at Your Fingertips?

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Fabulous! I want your absolute favorite person to be with is you.  When you have that kind of love for yourself and your life, can you imagine the magnet for fun you will be?  You will need the time alone to nap and restore your energy!  To nap so you can receive all the pleasure coming toward you.  To calmly handle all the drama that others cannot handle that you will.  With flying colors.

I’m giving you a fun little assignment today.  I want you to find the nearest mirror and gaze at your gorgeous reflection.  Admire how beautiful you are and say:

“It’s exhausting being fabulous.”

Because truly falling in love with yourself is an exhausting journey.  To confront and conquer your negative emotions and move into sassy confidence is not fulfilling unless you do the work and enjoy the process.  The process of loving passionate, fiery, loving and so much fun it hurts YOU!   This “It’s exhausting being fabulous” exercise is now at your fingertips for you to use every single day.  One day it may make you giggle a little bit.  Another day it is the last thing you will want to do and you’ll have attitude about it.  Example from a client:

Client:  (looking over her assignments from me)  Okay.   She wants me  to look in the mirror and say “It’s exhausting being fabulous.” Pfft.  Seriously.  I don’t want to.  (long dramatic pause)  Okay, fine.  “I’m fabulous.”  (rolls eyes at herself)

Then when we do the assignment together, something strange happens.  For some reason she has a lot more fun doing it.  She initially says “no way!” to me, but then I make her do it like she means it.  It takes like, 20 times of saying it, but by the 19th, my client starts feeling it.  Despite all her protests, she starts feeling good.  Happy, sexy.  Why?  Because initial she is focused on not wanting to do it.  Which is what the Drama Queen Brat would do.  Because I am giving her attention, the Drama Queen starts feeling satisfied.  Because it feels better to feel fabulous my client starts believing it!  The attention and fun we are having with her Brat makes her turn into Sassy Bitch.

See what this one little exercise can do for you?  Good.  Now go do it!  Love, Goddess

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