Falling in Love Key?

falling in love,
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Falling in Love Key:  Dating Yourself.  If you don’t want to date yourself…how do you expect anyone else to want to?  So for the next few weeks every time you leave the house you’re going on a fabulous date.  With yourself.  I don’t care if you’re going out to pump gas.  It’s the best pumping you’ve ever gotten.  I know…naughty metaphor.  Make everything you do a fun, kick ass sassy date, Bitch!  Yeah…it’s winter.   Yeah…it’s cold.  Yeah…sometimes you just want to cuddle up with your lap top.  I get it and want to do that too.  You have to get out though and play.  Even after a long day of work.  Looking for someone to love besides yourself?  Get out and play, then!

  1. Get out of the house.  If you’re healing from a break up, anywhere will do.  If you’re feeling more adventurous, join a club, take a class, search the local entertainment papers for something, anything to do!
  2. Step out in style.  Make the effort to look your best.  Fave outfit, fun make-up, hot shoes and accessories.
  3. Own your walk.  When you walk into a room, store, anywhere, enter with confidence.  Make up something to say that makes you feel good:  “Hope you all are ready.  Cuz’ here I come!”
  4. Ooze happiness.  When you’re getting ready to “step out in style,” play your favorite music, take a few minutes to slow down and get excited about discovering and meeting new people.
  5. Be aware of your body language.  Don’t slouch.  Hold your head up high.  Stand up straight.  LOOK lively.
  6. Try, if you’re up to it, to get a man’s attention with your smile.  Or make eye contact then give him the gift of a dazzling smile from hot little you.
  7. Spark spontaneous conversation.  Be warm, open and friendly.
  8. Make a man feel good.  Feel important.  With sincerity!
  9. Bitch it Up and make this a one day a week affair with a wonderful girlfriend.
  10. Slow down and savor touch.  If you’re out shopping, seek out different textures and materials.  Caress the material with your fingertips.  Enjoy the touch.  Purchase only that which feels incredible on your beautiful skin.  Your skin is so worth it!
  11. Give yourself flowers at least ONCE during these weeks.
  12. No expectations.  Don’t over think it.   Enjoy being in the moment!

So what are your favorite ways to get out of the house and create a little fun?  Please share:  Click here: Facebook Bitch Lifestyle page.   Love, Goddess

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