Fight For Yourself!


I found this image on Facebook at Stubborn’s Place.  Check out this Facebook site.  I think you’ll like it!

I read this after a week full of success and dramatic curve balls.  And it hit me like a ton of pink bricks.  No wonder sometimes I’m so exhausted!  Can you relate to this lovely prose hot busy Bitches?  To me, this amazing image boils down to one thing.  Passion.  Living life with passion means embracing everything and everyone with passionate love.  Especially those moments when your heart has been broken.  Trusting that it will make you even stronger.  That something even better and more fulfilling is on its way to you, hot you!  Sometimes I have to find the energy to do this.  It’s much harder when I haven’t taken care of myself.  I’m so lucky because I’ve surrounded myself with strong, like-minded people who share my passion for life, love and making the world a better place.   I have so many passions.  So many new ones that require a little bit more time of my day.   And so are you!  Every time I hear one of your passionate stories I smile all over.


My biggest and most fulfilling passion is YOU.  I love watching all of us grow into our glorious Hot Sassy Bitches together.  So many women out there compete with women.  So many women out there try to control men.  We don’t…and isn’t that delicious?  It’s like we have our own sassy little secret.  And when we discover something new we revel in it together.  Not try to bring each other down.  This helps lead to an ultimate and yummy goal:  Freedom.  Feeling free to say what we want to say, do what we want to do.  Without that tiring little word:  judgement.

I love my passions.  I adore those who love me with abandon.  I love living every precious moment of every day.  I love you for joining our Sassy Bitch Rebellion.

Huge xoxos and hugs, Goddess

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2 thoughts on “Fight For Yourself!

  1. I just found this, and I love it! I live my every day by this! Love myself, Love those who love me. Do NOT Compete with other women! Do not try to control men! Encourage other women!

    Love it love it love it.



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