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Gorgeous Pin Up Image from Vintage 50s Pin Up Girls  http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-K957Z8MGFP4/UWI5i_8ghwI/AAAAAAAAJbg/vcydGxTqulw/s320/50s-pin-up-girl-pictures.jpg

The way a woman feels about her body is a mirror image to what she believes about herself.  Your Drama Queen relentlessly points out the imperfections.  Your Bitch flaunts them-with a warm sassy smile.

How do you feel about your body?  Do you love it?  Do you lament the fact that you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model?  Yes…we all do that sometimes.  We have to stop it and love our bodies. There is only 1 of you that will ever be produced.  Ever.  That makes you rarer than the rarest of diamonds.  The special-ness and unique-ness that is YOU must be celebrated.  Every single day.  We celebrate ourselves and fall in love with ourselves by:

  1. Respecting every luscious drop of our bodies daily with rituals that honor our bodies.  Hair, nail and skin care.
  2. We relish eating.  We try to eat healthy, yes.  Most of us, luckily, do not have to stay rail thin for the camera or a runway.  We can eat for our pleasure.  Experiment.  I used to hate broccoli.  Still not one of my favorites.  But I’ve discovered I like it raw with dip.  Because I love my body I do my best to feed it good foods so it stays healthy.  I will never be perfect here.  Food is one of lifes’ passions.  Relish your passion for food and also relish your passion to love the health of your body.
  3. Have a body part you hate?  Use Josephine Baker as inspiration:  http://bitchlifestyle.com/2011/06/josephine-baker/
  4. Wear shimmer lotion.  Find the perfect formula that gives your skin a sexy, sensual and oh so vibrant glow.
  5. Find a work out ritual that is actually FUN for you.  Make it a fun project.  What time of day is best?  Type, duration, variety?  Explore all.
  6. Before you go to bed create a ritual.  Bitched up.  When you brush your hair, slow down!  Enjoy the texture, feel and smoothness of your crowning glory.  Light a candle.  Enjoy the scent while you pamper yourself.  Apply your favorite perfume.  Cuddle up in your silkiest gown, or enjoy the touch of the softest blanket you own against your bare skin.
  7. Write a poem dedicated to your body.  Thank  your body for all it does for you.  Decorate and display.
  8. Stand naked before a full length mirror and blow yourself a huge kiss.

Take a moment each day to admire your body.  Your favorite and least favorite parts.  Love it love it love it…reject the perfection society thrusts upon us.  And love you.  Your own unique gorgeous and beautiful YOU.  Love, Goddess

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