Flirt with Everything…Not Just the Men

During the past few weeks I’ve had men tell me they want to worship me. Make my thighs, lips and breasts tingle…and then make me beg for more. They want to make me laugh and smile. Even sing songs for me over the Internet from miles away! How they would love to treat me like the Goddess I am. Flirting with all these men takes practice. But it’s so fun!

Three years ago I thought flirting was degrading. Something you do with a man to “get something from him.” So I rarely did. Then I noticed that when I flirted with my girlfriends or nieces…it felt really good. You know those cute little exchanges you have with your friends? “We are so hot tonight….it’s almost not fair!” It’s all about being in that spot where you feel beautiful, sassy and playful. Have you noticed what a magnet you become? Your sense of fun is brightening everyone and everything around you. Your joy is bringing joy.

So let’s get our flirt on! This may come naturally to some. It may take some practice for others. It’s all cool. Just take a moment to play and don’t beat yourself up. In fact, try not to plan. Just say to yourself, okay…time to flirt. Look around you. If your Mom is around, flirt with her. Your cat? Flirt with him. This is going to help you so much with males.

When you start flirting with men, flirt with all of them. Not just the ones you think are cute or feel attracted to. Flirt with the bus driver, the cab driver. Give them a big ol’ smile when they do their job in your presence. Thank them with a twinkle in your eye. Men love to be appreciated and it will make you both feel good. Play play play!!!!! Then…when you meet a man you really like, you will probably already have a stable full of men that are worshiping you. Then…and this is most important…you won’t be dependant on that one guy to make you feel good.

Let a guy say beautiful things to you. We ladies love to be admired, don’t we? Don’t let judgment creep in. Keep it simple. Enjoy it and thank them. Just stay focused on what you want in the dating world. What I want is a slow, sensual seduction over time with a man. I state what I want and see if he delivers. Give him time to make up his mind.

Two of the men in my life we’ll call “Scorpio” and “E.” Scorpio and I have tons of chemistry, he’s smart, gorgeous and treats me like a lady. So yes…I like him. “E” is a man I’m not sure I want date. But it’s not fair to not give him a chance. Remember Charlotte from Sex and the City? She married a guy that she thought was perfect. They divorced. Another man she whined was not her “type” at all. They married and ended up blissfully happy. It surprised the hell out of her. Be open to surprise…open your eyes to new guys! Play with them, communicate with them and tell them exactly what you want. Don’t worry about the outcome. Remember…fear is a future emotion.

Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions! Love, Goddess.

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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