10 thoughts on “Focus

  1. It can be frustrating to want the attention and desire from the guy and knowing that the guy knows you desire him (or not) and does nothing about it. It can also be frustrating to know that WE put up with this. There are certain times where I just want to have affection. Physical affection. To be held, kissed, made love to is something I desire. I am not going to just go out with any guy just to have that though. Like you said, I can only control myself and my actions. I choose to control myself even if I get sad or upset. Because it boils down to having respect for myself and working on my self esteem which requires me to focus.

  2. Jacklyn…every time you comment you do it so beautifully. Thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful and oh so feminine thoughts! Love, Goddess

  3. I have that problem, where I tend to focus on the man (or men) in my life that I forget about me! I always do that…become so codependent on a man and if he likes me, want me, etc…and I hate it!

  4. Hi Necarrus, do you see how cool your comment is? You see what you are doing. That’s half the battle. Your “Drama Queen” hates it and refuses to let go of the pattern. Your “Sassy Bitch” brought you to Bitch Lifestyle for actions to move you forward. So now you can start choosing your Bitch by taking one of the actions in the post. Does that make sense? Love, Goddess

  5. Thanks Goddess! This rescued me big time today. I was able to get my focus back on my own life and kept myself busy until he finally texted me. 🙂 Strange how the drama queen loves to stare at the phone or email account for hours, instead of working out, doing laundry or whatever. LOL. Thanks for this article which woke my sassy bitch up again. 🙂

  6. Jai…this is so brilliant. I love how in tune you are with your “Drama Queen” and how she loves to waste time! You’re welcome and GO YOU! Love, Goddess

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