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Did someone say “free?”  Gorgeous pin up from the website Golden Fingers:

Yes…Free!  What’s free?  A half hour coaching session with me via telephone.***  (Or free SKYPE internationally)  All you have to do is tell me how the tools, inspiration and homework from Bitch Lifestyle help keep you in your Sassy Bitch!  Email:  I’ll be posting the winner in a future post.  Why?

  1. One of my goals this year is to build our community.  Build our cheerleading section, build inspiring each other and build our FUN!
  2. I get so happy when I see women getting, loving and working their Sassy Bitches.  It’s inspiring and want more and more women to see the benefits and experience it.

I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning 1/14/2013.  Can’t wait to hear from you!  Love, Goddess

***Coaching Session content will be decided after I get to know the winner through a few important email questions.  So think about what you would like to work on or a yummy question to propel you further into your Sassy Bitch!

Tools, homework and inspiration to love every drop of your Bitch:  Bitch Lifestyle the Manual

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