Fun 101: Carve Some Fun Out of Your Busy Day

Gorgeous reader: I’m asking you to take a moment out or your busy day and play with me. It will be such fun. Your smile will make me smile! My “fun list” is short and sweet. If you’re feeling like you want more fun…pick another idea. Or make up your own idea of spontaneous fun. I’m always looking for new fun, so I would love for you to share your “fun” idea with me.

Here we go:

  • When was the last time you tickled someone? Find someone to tickle.
  • Get some tea. Not just any tea…one of those fancy exotic teas. Brew a cup and savor.
  • Go to a store and try on something gorgeous. Revel in how hot you look.
  • Read something you have been dying to read: something that has nothing to do with work.
  • Apply some lotion to your body really slowly. Again…savor.
  • Take a piece of chocolate and let it slowly melt in your mouth.
  • Put something on your desk that makes you smile. (A silly bobble doll, perhaps?)
  • Blow a kiss to someone…or yourself.
  • Light some incense or your favorite candle. Enjoy the wafting scent around you.
  • Craft along with your children. Create something from your soul.
  • Take a moment and really look at a piece of art in your home. Have an intellectual conversation about it to someone later. (Even if it’s been hanging there for years!)

Let me know how it goes! Love, Goddess

© S Stevens Life Strategies

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