Fun For The Thrifty Bitch!

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Fun for the Thrifty Bitch! Times are tough.  What’s a Thrifty Bitch to do to get out there, play her *** off and meet new and interesting people?  I’ve got ideas!  A few I’m going to be trying.  So get in there and play, meet, save!

1.   Call your local parks and rec department and join adult recreational leagues.  Not only will you meet some new people, it’s a fun way to keep in shape.

2.   I love the library!  Stacks of fashion magazines and all the smutty beach reading you could ever desire.  And all of this yummy material costs exactly nothing.  Maybe you want to read a classic.  It’s there.  Or learn something new.  It’s there.  Explore and learn.  Or check out a bunch of magazines, veg out and enjoy.

3.  The Museum.  Okay, I know.  Sounds a bit boring and stuffy, hmmm?  Well, indulge me a bit, okay?  Museums have way more than art these days.  Films, visiting artists, lectures.  Take a few girlfriends and play it up.  Dress in your sophisticated or chic outfits.  Before you go, meet at one home, play appropriate music, make martinis and nibble on crudites.  Enjoy a few hours at the museum and go back to the crudites and martinis and discuss.  Or not.  Toast to you playing and making something you normally don’t do fun!  If you live near Boston, here is one of my favorites:  The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  Amazing woman.  Read “Think You’re Too Old and Ugly to be a Seductress?  Think again!

4.  Minor League Baseball or Local Softball League games:  Less expensive than the National League, men in uniforms strutting their stuff, and warm summer nights.  What more could you ask for?  How about bringing some girlfriends and a yummy picnic?  You enjoy the view, the men will enjoy YOU cheering them on.  Trust me, you’ll do his ego proud and they’ll want to return the favor.  😉

5.  Iron Chef Night:  One ingredient, 5 courses.  Have each guest create a dish to enjoy at your home.

6.  Board game nights.  Or dominoes.  Or cards.  A few canapes, something yummy to drink and I guarantee you you’ll have a better time than at that overpriced restaurant that you got mediocre service at.

7.  Have a sand castle building party at the beach or lake.  Invite the cute men sitting near you to participate.  Create a castle worthy of your Queen Bitch.

8.  Your fun, Thrifty Bitch ideas here:

Love, Goddess

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2 thoughts on “Fun For The Thrifty Bitch!

  1. I am looking into taking a Tai Chi Chuan class this Summer. I might also be doing some volunteer work at the local pet shelter. On top of all that, baking and cooking up some new recipes this summer. Canning some pickles, homemade salsa, jelly and jams. Going to be a fun Summer.

  2. Thanks, Jacklyn! I like making things out of fresh produce too. I love making
    blueberry pies, muffins and crumbles. Love, Goddess

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