Fun With Drama Queen

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Do you beat yourself up when things don’t go quite as planned?   I’m so with you.  In the past I’d set huge expectations for myself.  When things didn’t go as planned I would sink into Drama Queen.   In some sort of cute twisted way, we women eat this stuff up.  Why?  Because of one simple word.


We create this drama because of attention.  We want it and we’re not getting it.  This idea may have some of you giggling.   Or, I may have made some angry with my one word answer to why we sink into Drama Queen.  Which one was it?  The bottom line, hot ones is this.  We love attention.  When we don’t get enough of it, we may get pissed and antsy.  The longer we let this continue, the more pissed off and antsy we may get. 

I get so many emails from women angry at people from work, friends, their boyfriends or rude people.  This anger and frustration is putting our attention on all the wrong things.  And it’s tough to get past this when life is moving fast and furious with irritation.   This is the precise moment when we must put our attention on us.  There’s only one thing you can control:  how you handle a situation.  If it’s a major problem, it goes away by solving it.  If it’s something annoying that you are going to have to deal with semi-permanently, we have to choose not to let it bother us.  The rude person at work only has control over you if you let them.

And we shouldn’t feel bad about how much we adore attention.  We loved to be admired and fussed over.  Why do you think we love going to spas so much?   And we are hot wired for this!  We have an organ, the clitoris, that has the sole purpose of giving us an orgasm.  An organ designed specifically for our pleasure. That’s pretty amazing, being hot wired for fun and pleasure, huh?  We must remember this when Drama Queen rears her dramatic little head. Get yourself some fun-PRONTO!  Here are a few things I did over the past weekend when I felt Drama Queen festering below the surface.  I hate spiders and they were all over me the last few days.  LOL.  Cause and solution:

Cause:  I helped my brother paint and clean a rental house he owned.  The prior tenants never cleaned.  The spider web content of the house made my Drama Queen soar.

Solution:  I switched it to feeling good about all the fun things coming up this week: Fantasy Football, Football, Dinners in Boston, and writing The Bitch Lifestyle Manual.  More importantly, I focused on how good it felt to help my brother.

Cause:  There was a huge spider in my garage that would not go away.  I couldn’t suck it up in my high powered vaccum. It kept building huge webs and it gave me the heebee geebees big time.  I finally got rid of it. 

Solution:  A “spa hour” at home.  Shower, favorite beauty products and a pedicure.

Cause:  Poison Ivy coupled with mosquito bites. 

Solution:  Over the counter remedies and thinking about anything but itching.  Tonight I’m going to a serious Fantasy Football Draft Party.  Whoo hoo!  3 loves:  Football, yummy food and a party.

Cause:  Fear, doubt and venturing into the unknown.  I’m putting the first edition of The Bitch Lifestyle Manual together.  Let me be Drama Queen blunt:  Will everyone hate it and me as a writer? (dramatic sniff)

Solution:  I’m doing it anyway.  And focusing on the goal of spreading fun and play world wide.   I’m going to make mistakes and things won’t be perfect.  But I’m learning and growing through the process. 

So how do you get out of your Drama Queen?  Please share!  Love, Goddess

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