Getting Tickled…Enjoying an Unexpected Pleasure!

Getting tickled…enjoying an unexpected pleasure.

Last week on Facebook the assignment was for you to get either kissed or tickled.  I wasn’t thinking about my fun regarding that, I was thinking about yours.   And what happens?  Yesterday I get tickled in an unexpected way from an unexpected person.  Which turned into unexpected fun and pleasure.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day and a friend of mine and I were chatting and working outside.  I talked about the homework assignment that I gave everyone on Bitch Lifestyle Facebook.  We discussed how tickling is so fun, a great stress reducer and adults really need to do it more often.   You know…laughter being the best medicine and all We talked about so much.  We talked more than work, but no worries.  This was Sunday and any work done was a bonus.  Especially on a brilliant summer day! Then it was time to go.   He walked me to my car, I opened the door and I was surprised when he cornered me inside the door and playfully started tickling me.

Now is the point where I ask you this:  Can you enjoy an unexpected pleasure from a man?  Without thinking and over analyzing “What it all means?”  That’s a tough one, I know.  Our brains are always working overtime.  And yes, there was some of that going on with me.  I pushed away the worry and focused on the fun, laughter and playfulness of the unexpected.   It was really fun and surprisingly sensual.  But The Bitch was in control.  Even when he started caressing me softly.  Even when he tried to kiss me.   I just savored.  Finally I firmly took his lower arms, smiled as I looked into his eyes and said, “Thank you, this has been a lot of fun.  I’m going now.”  He smiled, laughed and said…”Good job taking control, Sharon!”  We both laughed because we had been talking about that very thing that afternoon.

How women have all the control over a man. 

Unless we give it up.

Can you surrender to this kind of a moment with a man and stay firmly in control?   Surrender and Control moving together in a hot little dance.   Surrendering to a moment and truly enjoying it is not scary.   Especially if you take care of yourself and know what you want.   Take the first step in Love Affair week Day One:  Share incites and interact on our Facebook page:

Love, Goddess

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