Girl Power: Charlie’s Angels

From left to right:  “Sabrina” Kate Jackson, “Jill” Farrah Fawcett and “Kelly” Jaclyn Smith.  Picture from

Girl Power is wonderful.  I loved Charlie’s Angels Season One.  I so wanted to hang out with these gorgeous, warm, friendly, fun, witty, talented women.  Best of all?  These women really took care of each other.  Supported each other.  No judgement, just love.  The first thing Sabrina does in episode one is make a juice shake for her friends.  So they stay “healthy.”

The Angels were spot on detectives, but human.  They were hurt in relationships, betrayed, and thrown major curve balls to deal with.   We watched Sabrina learn to sing for a crush she had, Kelly break off with a wonderful man (Tom Selleck!) in order to protect him, and watched Jill’s excitement when she met a gorgeous, successful man:  A man who wound up using her.  You felt all the pain and cheered when they won the day.

Which Charlie’s Angel did you identify with?  For me, it was Kelly.  She was warm, giving and an orphan.  Because of that background, she was emotionally unavailable with men.  But she was open about that fact.  It made you like her more and root for her to have a family.  She had one within the detective agency, but I knew someday she would have so much more!   I always wanted to enjoy my life first and be successful on my own before I settled down with a man.  Like Kelly.

Here’s a link to Season One Charlie’s Angels on YouTube:

Enjoy cheering and learning from 3 amazing women!  I would love to hear about how you feel about Charlie’s Angels.  Who was your favorite and why?

Love, Goddess

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4 thoughts on “Girl Power: Charlie’s Angels

  1. Hello I am sick and tired of tolerating men’s B.S… I realized late in life i do not have to.. Thank you for reinforcing my feelings go girlpower and thank you

  2. Thanks, Jodi. I hear you. Stay tuned. I have an amazing group of men that will be answering questions women have about men. You can submit your questions, if you like. There will be no BS, lovely one! 🙂

    Love, Goddess

  3. I’ve always been a great fan of Charlie’s Angels, esp. the talents & beauty of Farah Fawcett, Cheryl Ladd & Tanya Robert’s worth their magnificent perfect ßodies-unforgettable & with Tanya’s beautiful lovely blue attractive Eyes. I adore and never missed an episode as one of their favorite fans. Love you all ladies. Thank you for all the food memories and captivating TV shows of all of you Foine women.

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