Glam Up Your Vanity!

glamorous dressing table  Gorgeous idea from the fab web site “The Glamorous Housewife” visit her site for more ideas:

Day Two of Bitch Does Glamour Week:  Take a few minutes to update your boudoir.  Feminine, fun touches just for you.  If you have a man living in your boudoir, carve out a space just for your hot feminine self.  Like your make up area.

  1. Add a gorgeous piece of fabric in your favorite color draped over the mirror.  There are lots of places to explore for this:  Walmart, Craft Stores, JoAnn Fabrics have lots of beautiful choices for you.
  2. Add candles, dust catchers and put out your favorite perfume bottles to enhance the areas’ beauty.
  3. Add sensual pictures, glamorous pictures, flowers, anything that makes you feel beautiful.
  4. Put out some of your key make up pieces.  That pretty sparkle poof, shimmer for your hair and body, a beautiful compact.
  5. Get yourself a beautiful hand held mirror.  The more ornate the better!
  6. Keep the area neat, clean, uncluttered and organized. Throw out anything that should be or that you don’t use.
  7. The next time Victoria Secret has its Semi Annual sale, purchase a few things for your vanity.  They have a “Sexy Little Things,” line that is just perfect for this.  In the meantime, search stores for girly fun stuff to include on your vanity.
  8. Share your ideas here and on Facebook: Bitch Lifestyle

Note to observe:  When you walk into your newly glammed up space:  How does it make you feel?  Record your thoughts.

Have fun….Love, Goddess

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