Greed Meets Sass

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Greed Meets Sass.

It was crazy.  I turned into a Greedy Little Brat over something I didn’t even want!  What was up with that?  And more importantly, what was it I was LACKING that turned me into a Greedy Little Brat?

I was one very lucky Bitch yesterday.  I have a friend who has access to luxury suite tickets at Yankee Stadium.  I got to go yesterday.  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!  Everything you could possibly want is included.  The food and service is incredible!  On the way out to your seats, there is this huge wall of concessions that you can take to your seats.  Popcorn, cool towels, water, sunscreen and more.   What did I become obsessed with?  The freakin’ candy.  It’s like I became a 6 year old girl in THE Candy Store of my dreams.  I was surrounded by Kit Kat bars, M&Ms, Snickers, Twizzlers, Ring Pops.  You name it.  I couldn’t take a lot of these things to my seat either because the chocolate would melt in the heat.  Lol.  So what was up with that?

  1. I’m watching my sugar levels, so I’m pretty sure the fact that I could have ALL the candy I wanted was messing with my healthy eating mind set.  It’s kind of funny when you think about it.  I conjure all the candy I could ever want and with my healthy diet and the heat I couldn’t enjoy it.  So…is it something I really want after all?  My Bitch came up with the answer.  NO.
  2. My conclusion became this.  I’m lacking in another area that I need to focus on.  I know how to get it, and I’m taking action now.

I was putting my attention on something I didn’t really want-all I can eat candy.  Attention was what I really wanted.  I don’t want to go into details about what attention I want.  I’m pretty open about my personal life on this web site.  So we can learn together.  This one I’m not quite ready to open up about, so please be patient with me.  It’s real scary and I promise I will open up soon.  I want to make sure I communicate clearly with the fear I’m experiencing right now.  I want to do the fear justice and you justice.

So why is it that we become a Greedy Little Brat and focus on something we don’t want?  It’s the fear.  What happens if we get what we want and then lose it?  If we invest time, emotion, our blood sweat and tears into something and it leaves us?  Or isn’t successful?  Fearing failure can lead to all sorts of unhealthy habits.  Pushing away fear can keep us from feeling.  I did it for years when I decided I didn’t want to be hurt anymore.  By anyone.  That’s why I also think we hold on so tightly to some things.  Like men.  Why would we want to hold onto a guy who is rude, doesn’t answer our messages, flirts openly on Facebook with other women, etc.  We’ve invested time and we just can’t see that he is candy.  The Faux Girlfriend:  we’ve invested time and energy into her and all she does is take.  So the next time you become obsessed with having something, try asking yourself this:   It might taste and look good, but is he/she/it really good for us?

Sweet food for thought…Love, Goddess

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  1. Wow…you’re timing is amazing Mary. I’m writing a post on that very thing right now…

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