Hail to the V

Picture from the fabulous blog I have a Degree in This, who has some fantastic incites about this ad  http://www.ihaveadegreeinthis.com/2011/08/marketing-fail-summer-eves.html

They’re trying,  I guess.  The douche commercials.  You know how much I hate the commercial where the girl is looking in the window and is completely depressed because she has “embarrassing odor.”  Well now they have the new one.   Here’s the link:  http://youtu.be/ufdpf7bCXBo

My problem with it?  You don’t need Summers Eve.  Your pussy already rules.

The ad starts out sooooo dramatic.  Hail to the V:  it’s what men go into battle for.  Hail to the V:  Men will do anything for a pussy.  This demeans US and THEM.  At the end of the commercial they show a woman picking up the Summer’s Eve.  Why don’t you do something for it?  PLEASE.  Douching is not necessary unless your DOCTOR tells you it is necessary.  Our pussies clean themselves!  You have been given a gorgeous, luscious scent of your very own.  Own it.  Here is The Sassy Bitches’ way to celebrate her luscious scent and feminine core!

  1. Decorate it.
  2. Give yourself your own hot little orgasm.  Practice makes perfect.
  3. Trim, masque, comb, condition.  Pamper her like you would any other part of your body.  No douche required.
  4. Give her a sexy nickname.
  5. Know your gorgeous anatomy…every luscious lip and crevice.
  6. Get the song “Fergalicious” and sing “Pussylicious” to it instead.
  7. Read books like “The Yoni,” by Rufus C. Camphausen and visit Christina Camphausen’s blog for her Yoni Art: http://yoniportraits.blogspot.com/
  8. Take a picture of her and frame it.  That’s really Bitching it Up!

And don’t take those silly douche commercials seriously.  Don’t ever let anything or anyone question your feminine core.  It is PERFECT the way it is!!!

xoxo  Pussylicious Bitch

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